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Discover the formula for business success

The difference between where you are today and where you want to go is not nearly as far as you think. It’s not years, it’s not even months– it could be an instance away.

The fact is, almost 95% of the people who set out to reach for their dreams don’t get them, especially in business. It’s not that they don’t work hard or that they’re bad people necessarily. That 5% is something else. That missing percentage can be bridged with an easy formula that I have been developing for 25-30 years of working in my own business, and other companies around the world.

The first component is sales. It’s the number one most important skill you could ever have in life and business. Why? Because sales equals income.

Of the many business owners who have a problem with cash-flow, their problem lies within sales. Either they don’t know how to sell, don’t like to sell or don’t think it’s important for their business. If you can’t sell, you can’t generate income.

The next component is building a team. If you want massive or passive income, then you’ve got to have a great team. No matter what anyone tells you, business is a team sport. And your team doesn’t have to be just your employees or sales people, but it also includes your customers, vendors, advisers, lenders all of these people are a part of your team.

Your ability to put together a champion team to leverage you and your dreams is critical for success.

Keep in mind that developing a team needs to happen before your success in order to help you succeed. Many people believe that once they have become successful, then they can build out a team, but it is actually opposite. Put together a great team right now to help you create massive income.

Teamwork is also critical. Cooperation within your company comes from you teaching your team how to work together for the common goal of growing your business.

Teaching is the third component. You’ve got to learn how to teach people in your team to sell. By teaching a team of people to sell, you’re creating a better path to massive and passive income.

Systems. You have got to build solid and reliable systems in your business so that your business can still run even without your presence. Meaning, if you were to go away for just a few days or weeks, your business can still generate income. Marketing systems, training systems, accounting systems, referral systems — being able to automate all of it so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Accountability. People would always ask me, whats the best sales motivation tool? I recall a time when I was at my first sales job, our manager would have us post up our numbers at every Monday morning sales meeting. This forced all of us to be held accountable to our numbers — what we said we were going to produce and what we produced.

It doesn’t only work in business, but in other areas of your life as well, like your health or your finances. If you truly want something bad enough, you have got to hold yourself accountable to your goals, or get someone else to hold you accountable. Without self-discipline, accountability is the distance between you what you want to achieve.

Code of Honor. When my air freight trucking business was about to die, I told all of my employees that I was going to cut them loose, that we had reached the end. But they wouldn’t let me do that.

That’s because one thing I learned from my mentors is that the glue that holds the business together, is the same thing that holds a family together. The same thing goes for a religion, a sports team, a civilization — is that we had a Code of Honor.

A Code of Honor is essentially a set of rules that a team operates by, like the Ten Commandments or The Constitution. It’s where people operate as a team, with high levels of accountability, with systems to hold it’s shape.

But it’s more than just rules — there’s a certain spiritual bond that holds people together for a higher purpose to accomplish something. Rules like never abandoning a teammate in need, treating each other with respect, taking personal responsibility and never passing blame — all of this is part of your Code of Honor.

So, do you have an area of interest that you feel you need to work on? Perhaps it’s learning how to sell, or learning how to teach your team how to sell? What area or areas will make the most difference right now? Click on the corresponding links to find more information tailored for your needs.

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Why is all of this important? Because you have a dream. And the only thing stopping you is lack of knowledge. If you’re here reading this, then it’s not because of the lack of will or indifference to your goals. It’s only lack of knowledge, and together, we can handle that quickly.

Be Awesome!

The Missing Part of the Success Formula Equation

If you had read my previous post, [Discover the formula for business success], then you would know that the sell-team-teach model is an important and strategic process to help you close the gap on reaching your dreams and earning you lots of money.

But what if I told you that this technical plan had one serious flaw? The ignorance of this flaw could not only kill your chances of achieving your dreams, but it will make you eternally frustrated!

The business or technical development formula is: Sales equals income. Teach others to sell. Build reliable systems. While the knowledge of this model is very important, there is something else missing that will be critical to your success in business and in life.

Let’s take a look at your brain. People say you use 50% of your brain, but let’s say you use only 10% of your brain consciously. So, what’s going on in the other 90% of your brain?

We call that 90% the subconscious, and it’s subconscious because it stores all of these memories and experiences that you don’t consciously think about all day long. It can include negative memories like the time you lost a lot of money, had your heart-broken, were disappointed in something or someone; but it can also be positive memories, like when you won something or had a major accomplishment. All of those memories and thoughts are stored in there.

Let’s think about the sell-team-teach model. When you’re trying to generate income, you get responses like “I’m not interested” or “You have no idea what you’re talking about.” What happens to you in those moments? You subconsciously think about all of those moments when you didn’t feel like you were good enough… maybe you can’t really do this.

All of those thoughts we call the “little voice.”

Now, if you’re thinking right about now, “But I don’t have a little voice,” that’s the little voice I am talking about.

Everybody has one (several actually). They can be good or bad, but the most debilitating ones, the ones that crush us, are those that say Oh, I can do it tomorrow, or I’m not good enough, or I don’t think I’m smart enough for this, or I’m not pretty enough. All of those things are keeping you from making sales calls. Or closing the biggest deal of your career. Or approaching the love of your life.

These voices occur in the heat of the moment. When emotions are running high, you react instinctively based on what that little voice is saying to you.

The key to reaching your goals in life, to making more money, and to forming important relationships is to manage the little voice and get it out of the way of your path. Recognize it and master it through some of the techniques that are found in my book Little Voice Mastery.

So, by now you realize that reaching your fullest potential is a two-pronged approach: you have the sell-team-teach model which acts like your business development plan. Or you have a technical development plan. Health plan. Relationship plan. And taking control of your little voice is your personal development plan.

Here’s another reason why this plan is so important. Think about everyone who wants to get fit, including yourself. It’s not rocket science: Stay active, sleep well, don’t eat bad foods. If it’s so easy, then why are so many people struggling with losing weight? It’s because their little voice holds them back from the things they need to do in order to achieve the goal of being fit.

To find out what area of your life the little voice is hurting you (or helping you in some cases), take the Little Voice Diagnostic. Once completed, you’ll receive a report with the areas you need to master to experience the success you are seeking.

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You can also access 21 techniques to help you master your negative little voice. Get them here and choose the one tailored to the part of your life or business that needs the most help. Learn it, memorize it and you can transform your life in just 30 seconds or less if you have the right technique for the right little voice that pops up.

Be Awesome!

Leadership at New Heights!

On July 3, 2013 at 11:43AM, I experienced a level of achievement, exhilaration and humility that changed my life. It was the moment that my son and I touched the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. In that rarefied atmosphere so far above the rest of humanity, I felt that I had stepped into Gods living room.

Kilimanjaro Peak

I have decided to go back in 2014 to climb Kili again. This time, I am taking a group of friends and business associates with me who want to experience this amazing journey. people who share the desire to experience the best of themselves and that have the ability and desire to translate that experience into all areas of their businesses, families and lives. I am calling this adventure the Mountain Leadership Experience.

The plan is to turn the trek into a true learning experience in which we climb, we learn, we share, we debrief and together we uncover the leadership secrets and art of 100% presence, alignment and achievement that can only be experienced at 19,341 feet.

When I climbed Kili in 2013, it was a moment of great achievement. However, it was much more than that. It was one of the only times in my life when I truly felt that my body, my mind, my emotions, the mountain and my spirit were all intimately connected in the same instant. In short, it was AMAZING! From the moment we started the climb, I had never been so present for such an extended period of time in my life. It was bliss in a strange but powerful way.

How High is Your Mountain

There were so many lessons learned in the months and days leading up to the climb and so many more on the climb itself. Lessons about being a father, leadership, team, personal strength, connection to the planet, contribution and the majesty of nature were just a few of the things that I learned and that this team will experience.

The Mountain Leadership Experience is about achievement and contribution. Part of the trip is working for 2 days in Moshi Tanzania at a school for the blind, albinos and orphans. There, myself and our team will be supporting young children who have much bigger mountains to climb to simply stay alive. The fees for this trip include a generous contribution to the school. In addition, two of our participants, Ben Eastman and Randy Zimnoch, put together a campaign called Raise the Roof to get even more funding for the Mwereni school. That campaign has already raised over $6,000. If you wish to help make a difference in the lives of these children, donations can be made through July 31st at: Our money and our time will give them education, healthcare and support to have a chance in the world.

The experience at the school is life-changing. Helping them to help themselves, seeing the amazing gratitude on the faces of children who have almost nothing, gives you a deeper appreciation of what you can do to make a difference.

Each day of the trip at each camp, I will debrief, learn, share and discuss leadership mastery secrets that will show participants how to take any team to heights they never dreamed of. There will be countless stories to tell, stomach splitting laughter and connections that will live with them forever. Breakthroughs will become daily, if not hourly, experiences.

It will also probably be the most challenging thing they have taken on in their lives.physically and mentally. However, with our guides from K2, they will be in the best hands on the mountain. K2s leadership and expertise is part of the learning process.

Kevin Cherilla (our lead guide) says that Kili always has a special test and lesson for each person that takes her on. They will find strength, grit and character that they never knew they had.

They will experience the intimacy and power of a real team in one of the most amazing contexts and environments they can ever imagine.

No matter what they encounter going forward, their experience on Kili will give them the strength, conviction and power that no one around them will have.

We will be videotaping this entire experience. I look forward to sharing with you some of the outstanding lessons that are sure to be had on this journey. In the interim, please check out the video to see how K2 and all the contributors have made a real difference: