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Entrepreneurship is NO JOKE!

You have that stroke of genius, that million dollar idea, that vision of independence and true financial freedom and with your all the energy and passion that you have, you step out into the world of being in business for yourself.

That’s when the trouble begins.  People, accounting, taxes, sales, legal issues, cash flow, and tons of resistance.  Most never make it to the financial freedom they are looking for.   They quit, fail, get disillusioned, can’t deal with people, can’t sell their ideas.  They fail, give up or settle for working 24/7 and struggling financially and emotionally.

Worse yet, most never even try.  The prospect of the risk and their lack of confidence or knowledge keeps them imprisoned in jobs they don’t like, with bosses they can barely tolerate.  Dreams become fantasies.

Yet, there is ONE ELEMENT that most every would-be entrepreneur is never taught, that every successful and financially-free entrepreneur knows.  It’s the team of advisors, mentors and teachers that you surround yourself with. And that team is:

“More Important Than Money.”

Which is the name of the brand new book we are launching this week all around the world.

More Important Than Money

This book is the best of the Rich Dad Advisors multi-million dollar advice, teachings and setups for becoming a successful entrepreneur.   Whether you have never left the security of employee-land or have been slaying dragons for years.  Put down the sword, give the office keys back to your boss, and let a team who has been there and done it for real give you the pieces to make your journey joyful, profitable and do-able.

It is an honor for me to share with all of you this Advisor team.   It is one of the greatest teams I have ever been a part of.  You’ll learn that it’s a team of characters, very much like you, who all screwed up, struggled, persisted and lifted each other to the top of their entrepreneurial games.

You will learn that it is not the idea that you have, but the people you have around you that will make or break you.  Being an entrepreneur is no joke as it is, but even more daunting if you go it alone.  Let us, the Rich Dad Advisors, give you the very best advice, tips and tools that you will get anywhere to help you achieve your dreams.

Through the human-ness and real-ness of each of these amazing entrepreneurs, you will be inspired to win.  No other Rich Dad book shares with you the “real side” of who these guys and gals are and how our mis-steps led to the success that you will achieve as well if you let us guide you.

The book is launching now… Click here to pre-order yours!