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As 2022 quickly sinks into the horizon, make a difference in 2023

In a world looking for what to believe….teach them how to think

In a world searching for leadership…be one

In a world looking for role models….be a hero

In a world looking for goodness….be good

In a world looking to for direction…help them find their guiding star

In a world operating in fear…. Show courage

In a world of short tempers….show patience and tolerance

In a world operating in scarcity……make good more abundant

In a world of despair…demonstrate hope

In a world of distractions … focus on what works.

In a world of fatigue…give energy

In a world of protection…be the first to reveal

In the face of danger and uncertainty…advance forward

In a world searching for love…give some away

In a world of suffering…help heal by taking a little away from them

In a world craving information…teach how to learn

At the end of the day, find more of the above in yourself and make more of that.

Be the first to give

Be the first to make peace

Take your dog out of the fight for a minute

Believe in something bigger than you

Rally the troops for a good mission

Make a difference

Be a great teacher

Be the topic of dinner conversations at other people’s dinners

Trust yourself

Love someone or something

Show affection

If you have trouble with people….love humanity

In a world full of narratives….seek truth

In 2023 flip the narrative 180 degrees and see what happens:

Instead of telling…ask

Instead of worrying about you…make it about them

Instead of performing… have a conversation

Instead of being the best…create others to be their best

Instead of being the expert…be the best student

Instead of delivering information…draw out the truth

Instead of being the smartest…channel the most wisdom

Instead of leading with logic…lead with your Spirit!

Love, laugh, and hug more in 2023 and may it bring you all the happiness, health, prosperity, and love that you desire, being in the right places at the right times, and getting the right answers to the things that are most important to you.

Love you,