When asked what they wanted most in life and in business — my senior trainers from around the world responded unanimously…

What they said in their responses shocked me, because they were describing a …

Legacy Lifestyle

I’ll share why their response shocked me in a moment.

You see…They all said they wanted a business that would last. A business that would continue to grow with or without them being personally involved. They imagined a business which could give them and their families the lifestyle of their dreams.  They were describing a “scalable business.”

They pictured a business that would outlive them – something they could pass down to their children. Or, a situation where others were begging to acquire their business for the kind of valuation that could last for generations.

In other words, they wanted a business that would deliver them a “Legacy Lifestyle.”

That’s why they need to know…

The ONE Path to
Achieve the Legacy Lifestyle

I want you to think about something for a moment…

What would your business need to look like for you to have a Legacy Lifestyle…?

How much revenue would it need to generate?

What would you need to be paid in your business to have a lifestyle like that?

I hear this all the time… 

Can you relate?

These are real problems, and they keep real entrepreneurs and business owners like you from achieving a Legacy Lifestyle.

Here’s why I was shocked

When I asked my senior trainers what they wanted most in life and business, and they said….a scalable business.

Here’s why I was shocked.

Around a year ago, I set out to figure out how I could help people break through these challenges I mentioned earlier to transform their business into something that could deliver…You guessed it…The Legacy Lifestyle.

The conclusion I came to is, the only way to achieve it is with scale

While most business owners focus on “growing” their business… it’s this growth that’s keeping them from the generational success they know they deserve.

In the end, I invested around $250,000 to develop a sophisticated one-on-one coaching and training program to show people exactly how to do it…

Even though it’s not quite ready to roll out yet, let me tell you this…

It’s a powerhouse program enabling you to breakthrough the barriers that keep you stuck in your rat race…AND supports you to transform your business into one that can give you the Legacy Lifestyle you crave.

This one-of-a-kind coaching and training program is the culmination of all my years of entrepreneurship, teaching, and climbing. It’s been designed and refined to deliver your shortest, lightest, and easiest path to the life you dreamt of when you started your entrepreneurial journey.

I call it “APEX

It’s the most advanced and unique one-on-one business coaching and training programs on the market today.

And before I reveal why all of this is important to you…

If you have climbed Kilimanjaro with me (or have heard me talk about it), you know the lessons on the mountain align with the lessons of entrepreneurship.  That’s why APEX models the ascent of any great mountain.

It’s not for everyone.

It’s for entrepreneurs and business owners who are serious about creating a business that lasts… despite changes in the market… despite the economic conditions.

The world NEEDS great leaders more than ever before, and that’s why APEX is for people who want to lead and serve the greatest number of people.

Here’s what it’s all about:

We’re going to sit down one-on-one and go through your systems and processes step-by-step and transform your business into a well-oiled system of systems built to scale.

Here’s the bad news first…

Like I mentioned earlier, we have not formally released, nor have we started marketing “APEX”. The price point, however, is going to be unattainable for most businesses.

Think about it…

How much is a year-long one-on-one coaching and training program like this worth?

Here’s the good news…

Because of the response from senior trainers, I decided I’d teach them APEX in a small group setting.

That got me thinking…What if I “scale back” APEX for just this ONE TIME, and invite a few others to join us?

Are you in?

You will be part of 8 virtual LIVE APEX sessions over the next 8 months as a “pre-release” to the main program.  We’ll meet for one session per month, so you have time to meet with your team and implement the system of systems…AND…

Transform Your Business into
Your Legacy Lifestyle

When APEX becomes available, it will be a one-on-one coaching program conducted twice a month for one year by me. We have a few clients in our APEX beta program right now at the $100,000.00 USD price point. Once their results come in and we take it to market, there’s a good chance the price will go up.

After we release the full program, we’ll offer a six-month APEX group coaching program at some time in the future at the $10,000.00 USD price point.

That brings us to the here and now. Because we decided to open up this ONE TIME 8-session, private variation for my senior trainers…I have a special opportunity for you.

Here’s What to Do Next…

Because you’re here right now, you’re reading this page, and you know APEX can help you transform your business into the Legacy Lifestyle you deserve…

… despite changes in the market… despite the economic conditions…

… that serves the greatest number of people.

I know you’re serious.

The world NEEDS great leaders like you more than ever before. 

That’s why when you click the button below, you will see your investment won’t be $100,000.00…

In fact, this opportunity is so generous I’m not going to publish it here.

First Session begins on Thursday, May 26th, 2022 at 7am Pacific Daylight Time.

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