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Introducing the Revolutionary New Blair Singer Virtual Training Academy

As many of you know, I believe that education is about transformation… not just sharing information and hoping someone absorbs it. I like to give people an opportunity to have an experience where they learn the information, apply it and get an immediate result that gives them a very personal understanding of what they just learned.

Along with learning new information comes the need to review it. Lack of review and practice often results in forgetting. So, if someone is going to bother investing the effort into learning something new, they should also invest the effort to review the materials so they actually retain their new knowledge and skillsand mastery requires a whole different level of commitment and investment. In fact, Malcolm Gladwell tells us that the key to mastery is 10,000 hours of dedicated practice!

Knowing how critical it is to learn the skills that will give you what you need to succeed, as well as the ability to review and practice this material, it gives me great pleasure to announce a revolutionary new way for you to do just that; learn, review and practice personal and business development skills that will help you attain your goals!

If youve ever taken my live training or read one of my books, then youve already begun the process. It is time to take your commitment to yourself, your team and your family a step further by enrolling in my brand new, life changing, Virtual Training Academy.

This multi-million dollar platform gives users the opportunity to review life-changing material on personal and business development-skills 24/7/365. The Virtual Training Academy will help you maximize success in both your personal and professional lives. When you apply the interactive lessons to your daily life, youll make the most of your learning while discovering the secrets to mastering your little voice, selling, and building an unstoppable team.

By taking advantage of this world-class training in personal growth, sales and team development, youll be able to transform your financial and emotional well-being. And you get to do all this in the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere you have Internet access!

If you are already thinking, I dont have the time. Then that is proof in itself that youve let your Little Voice get the best of you. Why bother taking the time to put your foot in the door without having any intention of walking through it? Why take the time to learn new information if you are going to let it slip through your fingers by not reviewing and using it right away?

Make a commitment to yourself to continue to learn, grow and develop your awesome talents. Dont settle for less than you are; become who you want and be the master of your life!

Each chapter is short and to the point and designed to keep you focused through interactive engagement. Your progress is also measured via a customized tracking system with quizzes that help you know you got the lesson.

To learn more about this amazing new Virtual Training Academy, click here to take a tour. Or, visit the press release by clicking here for more information.

To receive an Introductory Discount of 60% off of the regular monthly price of $49, enter promo code: PROMO1LS (all caps) when registering and you will be able to enjoy the site for just $19.95/mo!

How to Handle Any Objection at Any Time

One of the leading challenges sales people face is how to handle an objection. Often, a sales person thinks they have to be able to address the objection with a solution immediately – but, there’s a better approach in my opinion.

Many times, when you get an objection, you might experience an emotional response, especially if the objection is said with little consideration for your feelings (personally, this happened to me A LOT when I was new to sales). And, as I’ve discussed many times, when emotions go up, intelligence goes down, leaving you in a less than optimal mental state to address the objection presented.

So, I created a video that shows you a drill that, with practice, will allow you to handle any objection, any time, any place and respond in a way that sets you up to handle that objection successfully!

Please watch, enjoy and share your comments below!

How Competitive are you… Really?

Are you super competitive?

Do you believe that competition is necessary to measure your performance, affirm your abilities and legitimize your skills? Do you measure and compare yourself to others to see how you “stack up”? Do you even compete with yourself?

If you said, “Yes!” you’re not alone.

All our lives we’ve been told we must compete in order to succeed. “You have to be better than ________!” You have probably learned you have to outrun, outmaneuver and outperform others – and when you do so you are praised for your victories and rewarded with public recognition, scholarships, money, positions and more.

But, what if I told you there is a much better way … that there is a HEALTHIER, MORE EFFECTIVE and BETTER WAY TO WIN at any game you play rather than falling into the typical competitive behavior that we learned while growing up?

I invite you to watch this amazing and empowering video from my mentor Mack Newton who shares in detail why competition is actually not good or healthy for you. His approach gives you a completely different way to win and offers a solution to help avoid the traps of competition. This methodology will help you achieve your goals faster than ever while experiencing a calmer mindset, less stress, lower tension and an overall better, happier lifestyle… and allow you to WIN MORE!!!

Just click on the play button below to watch this video now!

Be awesome!

Are you tired of receiving too little for what you give?

You work really hard, put in a lot of time, effort and give a ton of yourself, but if you are like many, it seems that the return on that investment is either not equal to what you put in or it doesn’t exist at all.

Do you know what I mean? I am sure that you do.

Have you ever given your time, shared your skills, provided money, and shared your resources to only receive what feels like nothing, or very little in return? It can happen among co-workers, business partners, clients, associates and even spouses. The result… feeling depleted, sometimes ripped off and even resentful!

The problem is a lack of understanding of one word. It is likely that this word is responsible for holding back oceans of income, support and love and could be blocking your best plans and dreams.

The misunderstanding of this word, while simple, is what causes businesses to fail, people to go broke, relationships to die and even communities and nations to war with one another.

The word is “exchange.” As you read the word, I am sure several examples of unequal exchange come up in your mind.

While I am sure that you agree that exchange means to “give and receive in a reciprocal manner” something falls short in real life. Have you ever felt “out of exchange?” Felt taken advantage of?

Those that master the understanding of this word in a business sense, make a tremendous amount of money. Those that understand it in relationships have long, nurturing, passionate and loving relationships.

One of my teachers said, “In it (exchange) lies much of man’s inability to get along with others. All interpersonal and all national and international relationships are monitored by what is being exchanged.”

Therefore it is critical that you watch this video immediately and learn that there are 4 Types of Exchange. ONLY ONE OF THEM is going to make you money and give you what you want. The rest will leave you broke, tired and angry. This video could represent the quantum leap you have been waiting for to unlock what you desire! Do not go another day out of exchange!

Just click the play button below to watch right now!

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Be awesome,

Creating Profitable Workplaces through Team Motivation

Many years ago, myself and my colleagues went into the business world teaching something that at the time seemed “woo-woo”, “out there”, “nice but not real”, touchy-feely, new age-ish…..you name it. We taught entrepreneurs, business owners and managers that if you created a workplace with a sense of “purpose” or a reason to contribute to something noble, bigger than yourself….it would create dynamic and profitable workplaces. We also said that if your team had the ability to direct themselves, have control over their space, to treat the workplace in an organic way rather than in a machine-like way…. that would work too. It had worked in our businesses and we knew it would work in others.

Well today, according to the great work of Daniel Pink, the actual “science of human behavior” says we were right! (I love being right!) What really motivates people is not what the business or economic community really believed. (They mostly did not believe us then….but now they are seeing the light!) Financial incentives and consequences in any type of task that requires real “thinking” don’t work to increase results. As a matter of fact it is the opposite! Check out Daniel’s video to see what the real incentives are.

Years ago we set on a mission to improve the quality of life through transformation of the marketplace. It started in 1982. Today, thirty years later, the evidence and “science’ have finally caught up. How is that for lag time? To be a great leader, you have to be a great teacher. Understanding what Daniel Pink is saying in the video below will not only transform your team, your business and your results, but will transform YOU!!!! Be a teacher because “Teachers are Leaders.”

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