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Art of Sales

Making a Powerful Sales Presentation that compels others to buy

One of the most important, most crucial aspects of selling is presenting. Whether it’s a service, a product, or an idea, your presentation skills can make or break your sale. In order to make a sale you do not only need a good product, you need to have a good presenter of that good product that you have. You need someone who can articulate the message, and compel others to take action, that is, to buy whatever it is you are selling.
In today’s episode, we’re going to break down the nuts and bolts of what a powerful sales presentation is. You will learn:
  1. Why the person with the highest energy will be the one to close the sale
  2. You will discover the most powerful tool you have to sell
  3. Why you should start learning how to make a compelling presentation in front of a group
  4. What you can do to improve and be a great presenter
  5. Practical tips on how to create engagement when presenting
  6. Why you should add value first before you can sell
  7. And more…

How to harvest millions of dollars that are sitting on the table – understanding your selling cycle

A lot of sales advisors would say that in order to get sales, you need to have a lot of leads. So they focus on lead generation. While it is true sometimes, in the bigger picture, it’s not really what you need to make a sale.
In today’s episode, we’ll talk about the selling cycle. What exactly is the selling cycle and why it’s important for you to understand it?
For those of you who haven’t laid out or defined your selling cycle, consider that as your first assignment.
Here’s what you can expect to learn in this episode:
  1. the six components of a selling cycle
  2. how to effectively approach and interact with your leads
  3. how to handle objections
  4. why testimony matters in selling
  5. How to make an irresistible offer

Setting the stage to explode your Income – Why Sales, Why now and a couple myth busters

Welcome to the first episode of Blair Singer Podcast’ the Art of Sales. In this inaugural episode Blair will share with you why it’s imperative and essential that you know how to sell.
Selling can be one of the most dreadful, intimidating experience for most people. The fear of rejection, humiliation and looking stupid and all that stuff can overpower you. But all those can be overcome.
For someone who’ve done business in over 30 countries and have become an advisor to the best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki, Blair brings with him the experience and the expertise to really help you master the art of selling and not fear it.
So here are some of the key takeaways for this episode:
  • how to win against that little voice between your ears
  • why Blair thinks your college is not your best preparation to make money or have a business
  • how he started selling from zero and become the number one sales rep in his company
  • how he got his aha moment by doing cold calls
  • he will also share with you why selling is an art
  • Blair will share with you the inner game of business
  • and a lot more.

The Science of Sales Management and it’s NOT about Control!

Building a great sales team don’t come easy. It’s challenging. But it’s not impossible. You can build a great team. And in this episode, I’ll teach you the three techniques to help you unravel the science of sales management without being a control freak.  
There is a misconception that control is everything. But today, I’ll share with you why it’s not about control but more about the science and techniques you employ. 
Three things you’ll learn in this episode:
  1. Why a successful sales management needs an accountable team. 
  2. The importance of training and education
  3. Little voice mastery – how to do it and why it’s essential

The Art of Getting into Their World – Rapport, discovery and Trust

If you’ve listened to our previous episode, you’ve probably learned by now that selling is a cycle. There are six components in a sales cycle and in today’s episode we’re going to focus on one of the components, that is, how to effectively approach and interact with your leads. Sales people don’t get to their goal of closing the sale, not because they don’t know their product or their price is too high, but a lot of the times, it’s really more of the sales person lacking the skills to approach effectively and connect with his prospect.
So today, you’ll discover the best-kept secrets to be a more effective sales person. 
In this episode you will learn: 
    1. Why sales is an energy game and how you can win that game.
    2. Why you should go into their world first
    3. Why you should forget about selling in order for you to sell
    4. How you can get into a shared reality with your prospect
    5. What’s the coward’s way approach
    6. Why you should stop pitching at networking events 

10 Ways to find people with money who are looking for you – Lead Generation Part 1

Based on the previous episodes that we’ve discussed, it’s ripe to say that you’re ready to get to the next level. So if you haven’t listened to the previous episodes, be sure to go back to have a fundamental understanding of the sales process. 
For this particular episode, we’re going to dig into the ultimate hunting game. How to find people with money and with a need. Remember, that we’re not just looking for someone who has the money or has a need, we need someone who has both the need and the money. 
So in this episode expect to learn:
    1. The 10 strategies for generating people with money
    2. What the poodle strategy is
    3. How to use the retriever approach
    4. The basset-hound approach
    5. How to setup your referral systems
    6. Follow up and follow through systems
    7. How to use social media to reach more people
    8. Old school stuff that still works in the digital age