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Become a World-Class Facilitator and Make a Quantum Leap in Your Leadership Skills and Income

I applaud those of you who have started down the path to become outstanding Trainers and Presenters. However, if it is YOUR personal goal to rise to the next level of a “LEADER” – a person who touches thousands – even millions – of lives in an exceptional way…

I am putting together a special group of skilled and motivated Trainers and Presenters to continue on a very special journey with me…

I have two goals in my professional life:

  1. To add value to the lives of as many people as possible, directly and indirectly.
  2. To be richly rewarded financially for delivering life-changing improvements to those I have taught.

If you share these same goals that I have had all these years – these same goals which have led me to the spiritual, emotional, and financial success I now enjoy – I encourage you to participate in this exclusive private training event.

This training event is just you and me!

It will include group training and one-on-one coaching to take you to the next level of becoming a Leader. The results of attending the program are designed to help you once again make a QUANTUM LEAP in your ABILITIES and INCOME.

Participating in this program will set you apart from so many of your Trainer and Speaker peers because of the extraordinary level of knowledge and skills you will now be able to implement and the incredible impact you will be able to make by helping others.

Using my 30+ years of leading and teaching experience, I mapped out what the next levels would be to bring you closer to influencing the lives of millions while sky-rocketing your income. Levels that, once learned, will allow you to reap the benefits of becoming the person you were meant to be and playing the HUGE game that you were meant to play.

Blair Singer’s Master Facilitator course is nothing short of extraordinary. Not only does he have amazing content; he demonstrates how to do it right as he is teaching it. Many people at the class were transformed not just into master facilitators but in their overall life as they were attending the course. I watched it happen with my own eyes. Blair is a masterful teacher and amazing facilitator. I would recommend this program to anyone in business who has employees or who wants to learn how to facilitate any presentation in any situation.
Tom Wheelwright
Rich Dad Advisor

The program focuses on the level of:

Master Facilitation

Being a Master Facilitator gives you the ability to move way beyond the realm of a simple Trainer. The Master Facilitator Program will prepare you for opportunities in a market where there are very few qualified individuals.

  1. Take on anything that happens in ANY room; good, bad or ugly, and turn it into a powerful transformational experience.
  2. Go off script if necessary and lead, teach and inspire your audience through situations, while fully mastering and controlling the room.
  3. Take any concept, information or message and instantly create an experience with your group that drives the lesson home so that they truly understand – and never forget it.

Facilitation skills are critical because they transcend classrooms. You will be able to resolve rifts between departments, cultures, legal arguments, and in contract negotiations. You will be called upon to work with the best and the brightest, to create and facilitate projects, that not only change the lives of thousands, but the cultures of organizations, communities and even nations.

You may think you already do facilitation from the stage. But, you have just scratched the surface. In this program, you will learn how to:

You will have the ability to walk into any environment, be able to instantly assess it, massage it, take it where it needs to go and ultimately direct it toward YOUR intended outcome.

And, by the way I know how hard it is to fill a room with 150 people and then, after covering the expense of a venue and all the associated advertising, rely on your make it or break it bookstore to generate your income.

However, as a Master Facilitator, you will be able to access the billions of additional dollars available in the global business marketplace where the need for Master Facilitation skills is huge and the supply is small.

The beauty of serving large business or institutional clients is:

  • The work and cost of putting people into a room is GONE
  • The cost and management of the venue is GONE
  • The hard sell at the end of the event to make your income is GONE
  • It’s one sale that can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars, year after year

As a Master Facilitator, you now have clients inviting you into their rooms and paying you to do what you do best, without the typical expenses currently associated with doing this.

You have the ability to negotiate lucrative residual income opportunities with those same clients that ensure cash flow to you and guaranteed results for them. This is HUUUUUGE! This is why moving to this next level is so critical if you are truly serious about building your legacy and experiencing a Quantum Leap in your skill set and your income. However, as a Master Facilitator, you will be able to access the billions of additional dollars available in the global business marketplace where the need for Master Facilitation skills is huge and the supply is small.

This is an AWESOME training! I was thrilled to be a participant in the pilot group! An absolute must for learning to stand in the heat in front of the room and learning massive amounts about curriculum design. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM and have made back my tuition investment at least 30 times since I graduated the program in June 2011.

While Blair was working with me on redesigning my curriculum in the program, an absolute miracle occurred for me. My talent for teaching voice was Discovered by another attendee, and created the foundation for a new Reality Television Program. I returned home to Singapore and only 11 weeks later I was in Los Angeles leading my program for the TV show development team and celebrity show host. I never expected in a million years that something as big as an international TV show would be what’s next for me.

I have Blair and the Master Facilitator Program to thank for inspiring me to have the courage to teach what I really love. Blair leads by compassionate example and motivates me to play a much bigger game. I will be eternally grateful to him for guiding me step-by-step on the journey to share my greatest gifts and talents with others and for assisting me in becoming who I was always meant to be.
Deborah Torres Patel
Voice, Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Expert

As a bonus, you’ll learn how to turn a typical Self-Employed training business into a true Business that generates significant cash flow and supports the development of assets as part of the business.

Making money in the training business can be tough. So, I will share with you how I successfully found corporate and private training and facilitation opportunities; effective pricing models; and how to create residual income opportunities with this clientele.

This training is coming up QUICK!

Based upon the value being provided, the expenses of the venue and logistics, and the necessity for this to be a small group, the program is not inexpensive. Yet, these four days will be the most lucrative 4 days of your teaching career.

Full tuition for this program is $7995 USD which is about 1/10 of the additional earnings you could gain within 30 days of this program. Those of you who have worked with me know exactly what I am talking about!

Bonus #1

Full Video Recordings of this Training Event

There will be lots of one-on-one coaching. Since information will be coming fast and furious, we will also record the program. This is priceless for you to review yourself and the critiques, corrections and ultimate wins that you will experience. There will be invaluable pieces for you to use in your own marketing. The full set of videos for the whole course will be available for participants only, for a limited time.

Value: $795 USD

Bonus #2

Win a Complete Speaking Program Make-Over

You will be entered to win a Complete Speaking Program Make-over. We will pick 1 lucky registrant to have his or her program made over in front of the class. Present me with the program you have or want to create, your desired outcomes, your target audience, etc. I will do a complete Program Make-Over.

I will go through your whole program and help you design or redesign it completely with activities, games, learning points, and logistical set up. Your program won’t just be good – I will help make it it sizzle, create WOWs, and quickly earn you a reputation that puts you into World Class mode. We will also cover hot to market it and what to sell.

In short, I WILL REDESIGN YOUR ENTIRE PROGRAM for you. I normally charge companies hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this.

Special Participant Price: $10,000 USD plus royalties (unless you win the free Program Make-Over).

For the person selected for a complete Program Make-Over, it will be done right in class so everyone can learn!

If you have read this far, you know that this is a powerful part of your journey to being not just a top Trainer, but a Master Facilitator and ultimately a great Leader. I have taught the best of the best and I want YOU to be one of them. There are thousands of lives that are waiting for you to take them to their next level. Let’s make it happen now. You know we will get it done.

Please call us at +1-602-224-7791 office / +1-877-337-1700 (US ONLY) toll free if you have any questions. You may also e-mail: with your questions and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

P.S. If you have not attended Making the Stage, Train the Trainer, or the 7-Day Sales and Leadership Program, you will be required to attend one additional day of training that is provided one day immediately before the program begins. Please call the office at 602-224-7791 to get registered for the additional day of training, if necessary.

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