Pounds = PAIN!

This Mountain Lesson Prevents You From
Achieving Your Business Apex

Imagine… What if you scaled the most dangerous and treacherous mountains of the world without the right equipment, plan, and guide with real world experience?

Imagine… you, going at it alone. You’re halfway to the top, and you don’t have the supplies to continue on, and it’s much too dangerous to turn back?

With the right guide, plan, and equipment, your odds of success improve dramatically. In fact, with the right guide, you’re almost surefire to reach the apex.

Would it surprise you to know I’ve used these same strategies to help self-employed and small businesses grow and scale for over 30-years?

In fact, we have a motto on the mountain: Pounds = Pain.

The more you carry the more difficult the ascent. That’s why you need the right gear, for the right circumstances, for the exact climb you are on.

Very few people make it to the summit of Everest, or Kilimanjaro. In fact, only 40% of people make it to the summit of Kilimanjaro. You have a better chance of making it in business for 5 years (where about 50% make it to year 6)

And just like the mountain… in business, Pounds = Pain.

In your life, where do you carry extra baggage that weighs you down, and prevents you from reaching the Apex in your business?

  • Mental Pounds,
  • Emotional Pounds,
  • Physical Pounds,
  • Spiritual Pounds, and
  • Other traumatic weight?

In my experience, it’s the extra baggage, heavy burdens, and other setbacks that prevent self-employed and small businesses from evolving into scalable businesses. 

These “extra pounds” hold you back from being able to break away from the past, let go of fear of the unknown, and emotional attachment from past mistakes. If you are an adventurous business owner who is ready to unleash new perspectives, break new ground, and expand your horizons…

If you are ready to scale your business as you would scale Kilimanjaro…

And if you are ready to learn from my team of business guides who have real world experience to help you get out of your own way and leave the extra baggage behind in a 45 minute complimentary laser coaching call…

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