Master the Inner Game of Sales to Explode Your Income and Create High Performance Teams that Sell!

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At the Sales and Leadership Mastery Program, you’ll learn how to make more money in less time and train your team to do the same for a massive increase in sales!

Sales is the highest income profession… how much of that did you take home to your family last year?

Face it: The game of sales is changing.

The old methods don’t work any more… The psychology of working with people is even changing.

I have helped thousands of individuals and businesses make millions of dollars through sales and team development… Do you want to be next?

Get the tools you need to take your business to the next level and eliminate any mental obstacles standing in your way!

This transformational event is right for you IF…

You would you like to be getting a better return on your time and strenuous effort…

You’re tired of not getting what you really want and feel like you need a special push, or strategy to finally get you over the “hump” for surplus income and continual opportunities…

It seems like all the sales are resting on your shoulders despite the fact that you have a team…

You feel like you are dragging dead weight around or that just when you are about to get some wins, something mysterious sabotages your efforts…


You work alone and have finally come to the realization that to get the income goals that you want, it will require more than just you and that you need a REAL team…

You have been unable to get those around you to the level of accountability and sense of urgency that you have…

You feel like you are really close and that you are one win away from real success and a continual increasing income…

Perhaps you have had some good wins, but not on the sustainable basis that you would like… Maybe you feel like your income and results have plateaued or even declined…

You’ve lost the excitement and motivation to drive to your goals… and you sometimes feel alone in your business…

If this is you, there is a solution.
Listen as a recent participant shares her results from this program:
Kathleen, Face for Humanity Skincare

quotestart-icon In 10 minutes, I’ve sold more than I’ve sold in the last 8 months for my business! I have grown so much as a human being, as a business owner, as a sales person, and as a friend in this last 2 days – unbelievable, everybody has to do it! quote-end-icon

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There are 2 parts to the solution:

The 1st part is mastering core selling skills and strategies…

By the time you leave the Sales and Leadership Mastery Program, you will have learned business development and sales skills that will:

  • Teach you how to handle any objection, any time, any place so you can turn more nos into yeses and how to teach the process to others
  • Command any sales conversation and steer it to the outcome you desire
  • A Proven 6-Step Sales Process for a system of sales success you can implement within your business right away to pick up sales that are already sitting on the table
  • How to change just one number in your sales system for a dramatic and immediate jump in sales
  • Tools to hold your sales team accountable for peak performance
  • And more…
But the BIG SECRET is in the 2nd part of what you will learn…

Mastering the Inner Game of Sales

which will supercharge your income and ignite your
leadership skills for massive results.

Sales and Leadership Mastery Program is the only program of its kind geared towards giving you the business development and personal development skills you need to change not just what you do, but who you are…

blair-onboard-smallThere is a bigger and better person inside of you and you know it! NOW is the time to tap into your inner champion and flip on the switch of income and success in everything you put your mind to.

Remember that Sales = Income and that the toughest sale of all is sometimes the one between your ears.

At the Sales and Leadership Mastery Program, we will help you:

  • Find the next gear of performance inside of you, that you know is there, but just haven’t accessed yet
  • With that gear, you will learn how to lead, teach and inspire your team to greater sales success and group performance
  • Break past the invisible barriers that are preventing you from taking you and your team’s performance to the next level
  • Teach you how to become the person who can attract big deals instead of having to constantly chase them down and have your team support you in the process

If you are about continually getting better and immersing yourself in continual growth…

Attend the Sales and Leadership Mastery Program to get a variety of tools and techniques that will help you transform how you approach challenges and opportunities that impact you, your business, and your team, day in and day out.

Most importantly, as you practice and implement what you learn, you’ll create your own explosion of sales while you are at the program and be prepared to recreate it again and again in your business long after the program is over.


quotestart-iconIt opened up a huge box of emotions in a very good way to show me what I’ve been doing in my personal life that is affecting my salon business, and how I can preach it all day long but until I practice it, I’m not growing… quote-end-icon


quotestart-icon The Sales and Leadership Mastery Program explodes your mind and it explodes your body. What I have found out in the past 2 days… the Little Voice in my head, I can control now more than ever before. I recommend this program – it is eye opening and life changing. quote-end-icon

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Take this opportunity to grow your sales and income to the next level.

quotestart-iconThis has been not just a life change, it has been a life TRANSFORMATION! I came here looking for a breakthrough because I’ve had some life challenges and job challenges, and I came here expecting some changes, something great to happen, and I got everything that I was expecting and then some.quote-end-icon

quotestart-iconPlease tell Blair… I closed my deal that I sold during his 10 minute sales session while I was at his seminar. $2.475 million and I made a $73k commission all because he got me motivated to make a phone call.quote-end-icon

David G. Mudge, CCIM, SIOR, Senior Vice President
Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. Riverside


If you are ready to take your personal and professional life to a whole new level…

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I hope to see you at the program,