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If you’ve ever struggled to introduce yourself in a compelling way to a group, or prospective client or partner…

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Picture this… What if you could make key players feel completely immersed in your message, without them ever noticing they are being immersed in it?


The hard truth is… You have about 10 seconds before people form an impression and opinion of you. It may not be right… it might not be fair, yet… once they form their opinion, it could take you months or years to change it… If EVER.

To be confident, you MUST quickly and concisely establish these four elements in a compelling way:

Introducing yourself can be terrifying.
When it’s time to overcome your fear, and present your best self…
The Story Board Builder makes it easy.

Rather than agonize, worry, and second guess yourself about what to say (and how to say it), you will feel comfortable in your own skin as you deliver your tailored message with confidence. Look like a champion, and be your authentic self as you instantly win over groups of any size.


“The distance between you and the life that you want, is only the distance between your right and left ear.”

Blair Singer a best-selling author, Rich Dad Advisor, and the creator of the Story Board Builder.

This one-of-a-kind teacher is in such demand… he once circumnavigated the planet twice (in opposite directions) in less than 10-days to deliver his powerful message.

His peers call him ‘Master of Masters’, and his students call him ‘The Magician.’

Blair grew up on a dairy farm — was adventurous, impulsive, passionate, and into sports. His work ethic allowed him to be good without a lot of talent… which was the same work ethic he credits with stunting his financial growth in the beginning.

His unique message and unconventional style is used by business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders worldwide to increase sales, build champion level teams, and make huge differences in their industries. He has worked extensively with organizations like Singapore Airlines, all L’Oreal brands globally, private banks and hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses.

His adventure is the journey of the average guy rising above mediocrity to help others find greatness.

Having reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro ten times, and he teaches that business and life are also adventures that… with the right mindset… will take you to their summit.



The Story Board Builder will make you look like a champion, feel 100% confident, give you an edge over the competition, and change your life forever.

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