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FINALLY! The NEW highly-anticipated book by Blair Singer


Are You Ready To Take Your Team To The Top?

"Leadership is power." ~ Robert Kiyosaki

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In a world of weak leaders, increasing your personal leadership skills may be the most important investment you can make in yourself.

If you’re ready to do the impossible, push beyond your limitations, and conquer the ‘Summits’ in your life…  

You are about to learn the critical lessons you need to lead you and your team to the summit and beyond.

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"Leadership is power." ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Leadership Lessons From the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (at 19,341 ft, or 5,900m)

From: Blair Singer
Atop Mt. Kilimanjaro
Tanzania, Africa

Dear Leader, 

After travelling to Africa and successfully summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro nearly a dozen times, I’ll tell you this…

The often-harsh leadership lessons of the mountain parallel those of building a business.

As a leader, you have many mountains to climb in your business and our personal life. 

The good news is: While you may not be able to ascend to the physical summit and back, you can still reap the benefits of the lessons taught by Kilimanjaro. Leadership is more important than ever because of…

Leadership Lessons From the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (at 19,341 ft, or 5,900m)

From: Blair Singer
Atop Mt. Kilimanjaro
Tanzania, Africa

Dear Leader, 

After travelling to Africa and successfully summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro nearly a dozen times, I’ll tell you this…

The often-harsh leadership lessons of the mountain parallel those of building a business.

As a leader, you have many mountains to climb in your business and our personal life. 

The good news is: While you may not be able to ascend to the physical summit and back, you can still reap the benefits of the lessons taught by Kilimanjaro. Leadership is more important than ever because of…

The Business Leader’s Societal Responsibility

Not too long ago in Hong Kong, Po Chung (co-founder of DHL International) shared a deep Leadership insight with me over a conversation in his office.

He is a remarkable person. I met him a few years ago, and I consider him to be a great teacher.

As we discussed the importance of Leaders being Teachers

He hit the nail on the head when he said, “It is a business leader’s societal responsibility to teach whatever they have learned in their careers to others.” This is what moves our civilization and species ahead. 

There’s more to unpack about this… Before that: 

This is the reason why I committed this part of my career and life to training the best teachers and leaders in the world to expedite the transfer of knowledge and fundamentally change the way we learn and grow, particularly in the marketplace.

It’s a BIG WHY, and my journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro is part of that commitment, because the 13-day trip to Africa and the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, is one of the most exquisite, intense, and profound microcosms of a person’s life. 

The trek up the mountain forces you out of complacency, out of the hypnotic rhythm of everyday life, and makes you acutely aware of everything around you.

The weather, your physicality, even your mental state can change in a heartbeat.

In fact… The Mountain will force you to learn your lesson as if to scream… 

"Wake Up!"

Summit Leadership is a leadership wakeup call — It’s jam-packed with stories, lessons, take-aways, and actionable leadership lessons (I’ll show you what’s inside in just a moment). 

When you implement the Summit Leadership lessons in your life and business, you’ll find you can do the impossible, go beyond your personal limitations, thoughts, and beliefs… and to conquer the “Kilimanjaros” in your life.  

On the ascent, lessons of leadership come fast and furious. They are embedded in every step, every breath, and every connection you make.

The only guarantee I give to those who trek to the summit with my team and me, is the person who comes back will be the biggest and best version of themselves.

Here's a Glimpse of What's Inside...

  • When to cut your losses. There are times when you have to let things go, and learn from your mistakes. Then you can choose to make significant changes or start anew (page 16)
  • When quitting can be pure genius. (page 17)
  • When opting out is NOT an option: The true “why” behind the “other reasons why” you want to achieve your mission (And what to do if you struggle to find a compelling reason why) (page 46)
  • What Leadership is NOT. (Hint: You’ll find a lot of these “leaders” on social media and YouTube.) (page 20)
  • Gut Check! Which leader do you want to be?
    There are 2 categories of leaders in business. Both are strong and powerful… and are described on pages 23-27
  • The Steve Jobs way to “always get it right” (page 27)
  • “Parking lot conversations” The secret to unifying your team so you can pull off miracle after miracle (page 28)
  • Confrontation! The leader’s way to keep your ego out of the fight and avoid upset (page 28)
  • Are you an unintentional divider? The leader’s words and actions often contribute to a divided team. The key to recognize the divide, arrive at a resolution, and work around the elephant in the room without fostering division is found on pages 29 & 30.
  • The 4 Leadership Styles on every “Top Leadership Style” list, including the #1 style that causes your team to WITHHOLD the truth! (You can’t miss it on the bottom half of page 30)
  • If you want to create favorites, separate team members into cliques, and instill chaos, then follow the leadership style overviewed on the bottom of page 30 (Use at your own risk).
  • The BIG Mission Secret that removes fear, and pushes you to hit the target on big goals you wouldn’t otherwise attain. (page 36)

Preparation, Motivation, and Inspiration

As a leader, it’s your job to make sure that you and your team are fully prepared, motivated, and inspired to reach the summit, whatever that might be. So, I ask, what kind of leader are you?

In looking at my life, any great thing I have ever done or any nasty predicament I got myself out of, was due to the team I had… not just me. 

Here are some more of the secrets waiting inside for you

  • Your “obvious” first step to putting together a winning team.  Almost every business owner, entrepreneur, and trainer over looks this, and it can cause strong businesses to show signs of weakness as they grow (page 38)
  • The surefire way to unknowingly create divide, separate camps, and ultimately a tear down the middle of the organization. (page 38)
  • “Top to bottom,” The single most important component to a successful mission can be found on page 39
  • Building a strong team: Does your organization do “this”… It should! What a Marine Corps officer taught me about recruiting young men 18-25 to get in harms way, work hard for little pay, and be loyal. (Page 40)
  • 3 Components every powerful mission statement must have… And which one describes “the spark” behind your business. (Page 42)
  • The strange comment (and the even stranger goal) that transformed a divided team into the most tightly bonded team I’ve seen in many years. (It popped out of my mouth as if the mountain made me say it.) (page 43-44)
  • I NEVER talk to people sitting next to me on a plane, and the unlikely string of events that led me to summit Kilimanjaro the first time. (page 45)
  • Do this critical step after you determine your mission or goal. (Hint: Most people fail because they skip this part, or they don’t go deep enough. (page 46)
  • And the list goes on… 

Think of Summit Leadership as… 

Your Own Unique Adventure

Since you’re here now, and you’re reading this page, and you can see how powerful Summit Leadership is, I know THIS about you… 

You are on a journey. 

It could be a journey of business growth, technical growth, income growth, or
emotional growth, but for sure it’s a journey of personal growth. 

Your journey is unique to you. It’s based on your background, your stories, the
environment you have come through, and possibly even your DNA.

Knowing your reason why you’re on the journey requires you to uncover your purpose, cause, and beliefs.

This really means uncovering your core values. That’s why Summit Leadership dives deep into core values in Chapter 5, where you’ll learn… 

  • Values are NOT meant to inspire. Find what they are meant to do on page 52.
  • The values of my Kilimanjaro guides responsible for 96% summit success compared to less than 40% success rate for other climbers. (Hint: they have nothing to do with achievement, summiting, strength, nor endurance. They’re revealed on page 52)
  • How a slight “values gap” grew into a dissolved business partnership. All the magic that went into the creation of this long-term partnership went away, and the business faded into the sunset. (Page 54)
  • “This” is just as important as what you say “yes” to… Maybe even more important. (Page 54)
  • Take 30-seconds on the exercise on page 55 to deepen your conversations and understanding with your spouse or companion.
  • Building your values statement is about creating a list, right?  WRONG! (Look to page 56 for the truth)
  • When your values should make you feel uncomfortable. (page 56)
  • Faced with a tough decision? Do what Johnson & Johnson did on page 56.
  • 8 questions to get to the core of your company values. Question #8 is most important (Page 57)

Let’s pause here for a quick story where I learned a lesson I’ll never forget. 

At about 700 feet before reaching the summit, I’m holding a banner we’ll unfurl at the summit—it’s a tradition for climbs I organize. The wind is screaming, the day is young, and the mountain climbing guide is guiding us to the summit. 

Our mountain guide’s name is Kristen. 

*POOF* Suddenly, my brain goes quiet.

Everything went into slow motion, and now… Every second counts.

Kristen’s eyes meet mine…  

I quickly survey our 30 climbers, and toss the banner to Pao—a bright, young Malaysian woman who teaches meditation.

Now, Kristen’s eyes widen and convey a message I don’t want to hear. Through the howling wind, her words ring crystal clear… 

"Go Now! "

“You’ve gotta get down this mountain, NOW!” Kristen commands. 

I turn and run… I’m sweating like a pig. 

My lungs are heaving for more air. 

My quads are on fire. 

Ali (one of our amazing Tanzanian porters) and I run DOWN the mountain for nearly an hour toward our summit base camp Kosovo at 15,748 feet.

“Will I make it? Is this how it ends?”

My thoughts turn to my wife and boys. 

It’s true what people say… When you face death, you don’t think about work or your accomplishments. You think about the ones you love.

How did I get into all this trouble? How did all this start?

Broken Rules, and
Hard Lessons Learned

“Do NOT take any medications on this mountain unless you clear them through me first, particularly if you have never taken them before!” 

I heard our mountain climbing guide, Kristen, bark that rule hundreds of times. Her knowledge of health, what happens to your body at altitude under stress, and her crystal clarity of what it takes to be safe has saved lives on Kilimanjaro. 

Yet, buried in my sleeping bag in the solitude of my tent with the freezing wind howling in the middle of the night, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I broke the rule, and later that morning, I paid the price at 18,000 feet.

Just 700ft from the summit, my head felt like a balloon, and my vision distorted… and I almost died. 


Because I didn’t follow the rules.

The next step, before you recruit your ideal team to set out on your journey, is that the values you have defined must be relegated to a set of rules. 

We call this sacred set of rules…  

Your Code of Honor

  • The “Public Humiliation” Rule that turned hurt feelings and “getting even” into an instant and dramatic boost in seamless productivity. (page 64)
  • How to establish a simple set of rules by which you and your business navigate through the storms of life. (Page 59)
  • The ONE thing we “Subtracted” from our marketing team that increased the team performance by several levels (and it’s not what you think) (Page 61)
  • Accountability & Support… and the powerful statement of who you are and what your team stands for (easy to understand, and non-negotiable… find out on page 62)
  • What to do so your team embodies the core values you’ve defined (also works well to prevent blow ups in team projects) (page 62)
  • 9 tips to draft an even stronger Code of Honor (page 63-67)
  • When you should never create a team Code of Honor (page 64)
  • When the team Code of Honor is done properly, the team polices itself. (page 65)
  • How to prevent your team Code of Honor from becoming unwieldy, difficult to understand, and ineffective. (page 65)
  • The “Call It” Rule that keeps the team accountable without you having to be the traffic cop, dictator, or parent to your team. (page 67)
  • “How many rules is too many?” The ideal number of rules for the most effective Code of Honor… Get this wrong, and your team will feel micromanaged & rebel. (page 67)
  • Word-for-word — My company’s Code of Honor (page 69)
  • “Instead of calling me a ‘bitch,’ he publicly took responsibility” What to do when a Senior Member breaks the Code of Honor (page 68)
"Blair Singer is a great communicator, a great teacher and a great human being."
“While working with Blair we increased our insurance premium sales by over 600 million dollars while more than doubling our recruiting efforts...”
“[Blair is] not only the greatest teacher, [he is] and absolute legend!”
“I am really grateful to be able to learn from the master, Blair Singer… Words are not enough to express my gratitude.”
"Blair will help you discover what is holding you back, and then give you the tools and encouragement to move forward."
"Blair Singer is a gifted speaker who enhanced my understanding of the sales process."

"If you really want to make a difference in your life, then you can't go to just anyone -- You have to come to Blair Singer."

"Blair is the person who can look into your eye and connect to your soul. I have experienced it. I have transformed."

"Blair is a powerful trainer, speaker, and leader. I still use what I learned from him personally, as well as training my team and sharing with peers."

"I've never met anyone who has such insight into the human being, who sees the better in others before they do, and guides them to discover the bigness within."

40-60 Foot Seas, Icebergs, Freezing Rain, and Lack of Food

No, I’m not talking about Kili… 

Ernest Shackleton was an Antarctic explorer who led 3 British expeditions to the Antarctic. In Chapter 7 of Summit Leadership, I share a story about him taking his team to Antarctica and becoming stranded for 10 months when their ship was trapped by pack ice. 

The ship was crushed, and his crew spent another 5 months surviving on ice floes.

It took 4 rescue missions to get all of his men to safety.  

Their protocol was set on a strict set of rules forged from their value of ‘we will get through this together.’ We, as a team, will survive, no matter what the odds are.

In Chapter 7, you’ll learn the ONE thing to remember to protect you from YOU… The key value embodied by my Kilimanjaro guides that’s responsible for their 96% summit success rate… The one rule that (if broken) would jeopardize the health and safety of the porters who carry our gear…

… The protocols for abiding by the rules of the mountain (some seem a bit annoying or non-essential, but the guides insist)… and The “Taking Photos” rule that ensures that something as innocent as snapping a pic doesn’t jeopardize the whole team.  

Plus, more in chapter 7… 

  • The “Second” reason people face overwhelm in their business.
  • What our Kilimanjaro Guides warned us to never ask about.
  • How to deal with ‘shiny object syndrome’ in your business.
  • My directed daily morning routine that allows my mind to remain calm no matter what happens throughout the day.
  • When to NOT plan past lunch, and what to do instead.

By now, you’re probably wondering … 

How To Recruit & Build Your Championship Team

Too often, companies rely on software programs and corporate recruiters to find the candidates for their teams. These are fine screening devices if you use them only to get yourself to a shortlist. 

If you’ve got to hire for some key position, you have to talk to the candidates at some point. You’ve got to make sure your conversation counts.


  • How bad can it be when you don’t ask the right questions when screening candidates? Flip to the story on page 82
  • POP QUIZ: If you were to ask any of our trainers around the world why they
    are part of Blair Singer Training Academy, without hesitation they will
    respond with the “M” word found on page 83.
  • There is a secret to leadership I learned long ago at the top of page 85. 
  • What the 3rd grade boy wearing a floppy, Rustafarian-style hat said (on page 86) that caused me to crack up, and say “Dude, you are going to be a rich man. Someday you’re going to be a very wealthy entrepreneur.” 
  • The BEST way for you to help your team grow and develop is easy to spot on page 88 (Hint, it’s so important, I made sure our publisher kept it in bold)

At the end of each day on the way to the Summit, we reach our camp. Everyone unpacks into their tent, changes clothes, and we meet inside a big geodesic dome tent. Sitting in folding chairs, supplied with hot tea, coffee, cocoa, and popcorn, we debrief the day.

As a leader, it’s my job to facilitate the lifelong learning of the day by pulling lessons from the group. There are huge “AHAs,” sometimes tears, and lots of laughter. Each person’s experience is different and therefore their lessons are unique. And yet somehow the lesson for one is the lesson for all.

In any situation where production is critical to the success of your business, holding weekly debriefs is a must. Your team should be accountable for their performance.

When you get your copy of Summit Leadership, flip to page 102 right away.


Because you will find the exact 7 questions to ask that make your team debriefs highly effective…

Plus, you’ll learn what to carefully listen for in your debriefs. 

You see… 

Asking the right questions and knowing what to listen for are critically important as a leader who teaches. 

Remember, this is important:

Leaders must be teachers to fulfil their societal responsibility. 

That means you must educate, inspire, empower… and embrace life-long learning. There are TWO parts to being a great teacher as a leader.

The first is found in the origin of the word itself — ‘Education’ comes from the Latin word ‘educere,’ which means ‘to draw out of.’ 

To draw out of—not to cram into

The idea of education follows the Socratic method of asking questions and soliciting feedback from other people. 

That’s what we do in the debrief tent. 

We ask questions such as, “What happened? How does that play out in your life? Where does this show up?” Participants come up with great answers and the others in attendance learn from them. 

The second part of being a great educator is found on the bottom of page 102. 

In fact, I’ll share even more about how you can leverage training in your business on the next page, because you’re here now, you’re reading this page, and you know… 

The World Needs Better Leaders… NOW

And not Leaders who do a lot of ‘talking’.  We need leaders who act based on sound principles of truth. Leaders who do not tell others what to do, but leaders who teach others how to think for themselves and who challenge them to become the best version of themselves.

Kilimanjaro teaches a leader how to do those things.

She teaches you— in the midst of altitude, changing weather, and sometimes brutal conditions — that, with the right leadership, the journey can be the difference between exhilarating accomplishment or disaster

In fact:

The only guarantee on Kilimanjaro is the person who comes off that mountain will not be the same person who went up. 

Mountain Leadership is the same as Business Leadership.

Summit Leadership is your trail map to take you and your teams to your designated summits. When you get your hands on your copy, you will know you’re on the path of leading your teams to be their best and most amazing selves.

That’s why I want you to grab a copy before everyone else. 

Complete the two steps below, and your bonus Team Mastery training (details below) will become instantly available so you can start creating an even more unified team right away.

And as always…

Be Awesome!

Blair Singer

PS: I might be on a limb here… 

If you’re like me, you love the smell of a new book

Whether that’s true for you or not, one thing I know for sure is this… 

When you see this book in your hands, thumb through it, and hear the sound of the pages turning, you will notice the scent… 

… And that’s when you will feel even more determination, motivation, drive, focus, and resolve to take you and your team to the top.

And you might feel it even sooner, because… 


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Similarly, miraculous results come from ‘like-minded’ people who come together under an invisible bond to achieve greatness. 

Team Mastery will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating an even more unified team in a way that ensures peak performance, fun, and incredible results in your business.

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Your brain has been conditioned to believe certain things. Some are the major obstacles that prevent you from getting what you want most in your life, business, and on the teams you lead (or will lead).

Your beliefs are communicated to you by your Little Voice. Often your Little Voice spews out the bad mental conditioning you picked up from parents, teachers, friends and others over the years. This can lead to silent self-sabotage, frustration, and complete failure. 

Using the techniques that many leaders and celebrities rely on for their own success, you’ll be in control of that “little voice” in your head, so you can blow past the barriers that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Retail Value: $395.00
Included When You Pre-Order Summit Leadership


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