Get Real Breakthrough Results in the Areas of Health, Income, Purpose and Relationships in JUST 5 DAYS.

The Ultimate Personal Development Program

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April 25th - 29th, 2023

In the history of training and development, there has NEVER been a program designed to…

…within a period of just 5 days!

$11,995 $6,995

The reason why is because, up until now, nobody had the experience, technology or courage to do it! After 29 years of experience in training and development, I’ve witnessed my participants earn $500,000 in just 5 days, build an entire business in a few days, and experience their lives changing for the better in a VERY short period of time! We’re putting the world on notice that all of the above can and will be accomplished for those focused individuals who know they are inches away from incredible abundance in their lives – and just need the right tools and formula to help push them the rest of the way.

Are you willing to be relentless?

If you knew that all you needed to bring to the table was your relentlessness, and the money, health and clarity would materialize, would you attend this event?

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a secret sauce?”

The Ultimate Personal Development Program could be YOUR magic bullet to take you to your next level as fast as possible! If you know there is another gear inside you that can help you get what you really want, really fast, this program is for YOU.

If you’re like me, you have spent your entire life looking for ways to accomplish as much as possible as quickly as possible. How to become your greatest self in the shortest amount of time. This has been my life’s passion. After working with hundreds of thousands of people, I have determined THE formula to achieve this and will reveal how it will give you:

  • Significantly more money
  • Dramatically improved health, fitness and strength and
  • The ability to be truly congruent from “inside and out” in your career and get the life that you want!

You just have to be willing to believe you can have all of that in 5 days and be willing to participate in the program and play full out.

I am always seeing greatness inside of people. You know what I am talking about… that piece of you that KNOWS there is the bigger, brighter, more powerful you. The challenge is most people don’t know that there is a formula and tools that can help them succeed in an almost ridiculously short amount of time. Because they don’t know that, they are never able to fully tap into and share their special gifts and greatness. Are you holding yourself back? All of us do. And for many of my last 29 years, I did, too! Heres the GREAT news – It WON’T take you 29 years to get there!

My mentor and friend, Mack Newton, who is my coach and a coach to elite athletes, will be working with me to jump start you in a 5-day program that WILL accelerate your growth in ways you never imagined. You WILL experience immediate results in your wallet, in the mirror, and in your head!!

Join us for this one-of-a kind-event – THE Ultimate Personal Development Program. If you want to know how to get in the BEST shape of your life; financially, emotionally, and physically, I HIGHLY recommend you attend THE Ultimate Personal Development Program! You will be coached by the best-of-the-best. This is not about how to do it, as much as it is about actually doing it to create the physical experience. I assume you know how to work hard, and probably how to work smart, too. This is not about those skills. This is about achieving tremendous results in a very short period of time. In 5 days, you’ll get the:
  1. Specific HABITS to achieving wealth, health and happiness while eliminating the ones sabotaging your success!
  2. MINDSET of World Class Champions that have won Super Bowls, gold medals, and the World Series while eradicating the habitual small thinking that undermines your best efforts.
  3. The proven STRATEGIES, TECHNIQUES and SYSTEMS that will give you a roadmap to achieve the money, health and clarity on a world-class level while quickly erasing the ones that have kept you at the level of mediocrity.
We’re not going to just talk about it, explain it and show you pictures and videos… you’re actually going to experience it!

$11,995 $6,995

Come prepared to have breakout experiences in the areas of:


Make an instant and dramatic improvement in your health under the coaching of my mentor, 8th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo Master and partner, Mack Newton. Mack Newton has helped teams win the Super Bowl and World Series. He has led those suffering from average to sub-optimal health due to poor physical conditioning and excess weight to discover their healthy inner athlete. Join us, and you will improve your:

  • Cardio vascular health
  • Blood composition
  • Weight and
  • BMI

…DRAMATICALLY over 5 days with Mack.

It WON’T be easy. But, operating from a position of truly caring for you and wanting you to have the health improvement you desire, Mack will make sure you experience SUSTAINABLE success BEFORE you leave the program. Yes, there may be some dramatic weight losses here.


I have REPEATEDLY proven over the past 7 years that I can take a group of people and get them to generate HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the course of 5 days, resulting in them receiving a significant Income.

In THIS program, you will make money selling YOUR OWN products and services. As one of the LEADING Sales Coaches in the world, I have done this THOUSANDS of times WITHOUT FAIL. I will coach you personally using the unique system I have created that will help you drive results.

You will be part of a team that experiences the exhilaration of creating an instant income on the products and services you currently have or are anxious to bring to market. (If you don’t have any products at the time of the program, we will give you ones you can sell and make commission on.) 

No matter what, you will leave this program knowing what it is like to be part of a champion sales team and having cash put into your own pocket based on the sales YOU personally generated under my coaching! And, we’re not talking about a commission of a couple dollars or $20 – we’re talking about hundreds, or much more likely, thousands of dollars.


The biggest Achilles heel for most achievers is that they try to succeed on their own. In reality, it is impossible to accomplish anything big for your community or for yourself, by yourself. In a few short days, you will learn how to assemble a group of ordinary people and turn them into extraordinary performers regardless of the task and will be operating on that team at a world-class level physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally. In this part of the program, you may experience for the very first time what it is like to play and win at a world-class level.


One of the reasons that people struggle and don’t get what they want is because they have “the wrong want”. Their business, income, energy and health all suffer because what they are driving for is mysteriously not aligned with what they really want.

During this program, you will gain clarity on your purpose – and what you REALLY want. Then, we’ll make sure that your business and everything you’re doing are perfectly aligned with helping you get what you really want so that a flood of income and wealth pour in.

Many times, what people do is out of obligation, or what they believe that they should be doing. You may have a goal like, “I want to get rich because I have a lot of bills to pay!” That is not a legitimate reason and won’t get results unless it is a life or death situation.

I have found so many achievers seem to create this circuitous route to get what they really want. “Once I have X, then I will be happy”. In this program, you will carve a path directly to happiness – no sidetracks. That’s right… What if you were just fulfilled and happy all the time while attracting and getting what you want rather than happiness being dependent on a goal? This program will show you how to do that for yourself.


No one can succeed on their own and most people don’t want to! But, relationships can be challenging and sometimes seem more difficult than they’re worth. Learn what it takes to have a healthy, trusting and meaningful relationship – whether it is with your significant other, business partner, team members, friend, or even yourself. When we look at creating a legacy, many times our relationships are the legacy – or a significant part of communicating it. Leave the program prepared to maximize your ability to assess, deepen and improve your relationships on all fronts.

Of course, none of my programs would be complete without helping you address any Little Voice issues you have standing in your way! This program will help you experience change while you are here, and to do that – I will help you myself – AND – I am bringing in MY personal coaches on Little Voice Mastery to work with you so we can pluck those little voices out of your head and help you get exactly what you want!

I can’t think of anything else I could do that would be more life-changing than this program! I will drive you to achieve results that will even amaze YOU…Within 5 short days, BEFORE you leave…

  • You’ll look in the mirror, look at your body and see the results.
  • You’ll look in your checking account and you’ll see the results (and I don’t mean a few dollars… I’m talking about hundreds, or much more likely, thousands of dollars that YOU generated before you leave the program).
  • You’ll feel your increased energy, confidence and alignment with your Spirit in the pursuit of what you really want.

I do have a word of warning:

Do not come unless you are willing to be …


You have to come with the ability and desire to be RELENTLESS in what you want for yourself, your family, your life, your legacy. Relentlessness is:

  • A BURNING DESIRE to have what you want coupled with
  • A nearly unreasonable persistence… an unwillingness to give up on your goals.

Odds are, if you are reading this, you have both, as those are usually the people I attract. If you don’t have both, but know you need them and want help developing them in yourself, this program will give them to you – but come PREPARED: This program is for those who will do whatever it takes (as long as it is legal, ethical, moral and safe) to be successful in achieving their goals.

If this is not you… Don’t come.

If it is you… You will FINALLY get what you are looking for before you even leave my program… and pave your path towards long term SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!

This will be a small intimate program limited to just 40 people so my coaches and I can work with you one-on-one through the program. So, if you are thinking of coming, I would be RELENTLESS in pursuing your goals and sign up while there are still openings! We anticipate this one-of-a-kind program to sell out quickly.

$11,995 $6,995

P.S. As mentioned before, due to the amount of one-on-one coaching in THE Ultimate Personal Development Program, we will limit the number of participants in the program. IT WILL SELL OUT! If this program is something that you are truly interested in and want to do.

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