Your FREE Business Apex Strategy Session Application Is Submitted On Time!

You made it!

You came to, and you scheduled your appointment.

Then you started… and completed… your application.

You’re here now, you just completed your application, you’re reading this page, and you know these small investments thus far will bring value many times over in the end.

Congratulations for making it this far!

The next step for my team of business guides to review your application. Your next step is to prepare for your Business Apex Strategy Session. It is critical for you to read through this page. Here’s why…
The time between NOW and your Once-In-A-Lifetime Session an important time for both of us. It allows me and our team to get to know you, your business, and how to best help you unleash new perspectives, break new ground, and expand your horizons.

And it allows you the time necessary to maximize the impact of your Business Apex Strategy Session.

To make it as easy as possible, I have these…

5 Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your Private Strategy Session

#1 – Eliminate Your Distractions.

Prepare for your Strategy Session by eliminating any distractions that steal… or could steal… your attention away.

Close Facebook, Email, Texts or any other Social Media interruptions so they do not take away from this unique opportunity to drop the extra baggage, heavy burdens, and other setbacks that prevent you and your business from evolving into a scalable business.

#2 – Be Well Rested.

Be sure you get a good night’s sleep before your Strategy Session. It is important for you to be sharp and have your mind open.

A tired mind will cloud your thinking and lessen the impact of the time and energy you have already invested… and will virtually steal from your future potential.

#3 – Be Willing To Be Vulnerable.

Even though it is likely we haven’t met — and it’s likely you haven’t previously met my team of business guides — give yourself permission to be vulnerable. Imagine you’ve known each other for a while. Everything you talk about with your business guide is held in strict confidentiality, so be vulnerable.

#4 – Take 100% Responsibility.

I’ve heard it said “your life is the sum-total of the decisions you make.”

You’re responsible for where you are today.

You’re responsible that you’re here right now.

You’ve made a great choice to be here.

Now — let’s apply it to your business… and take it to the Apex.

#5 – Be Coachable To Accept Your Costs of Inaction.

Think about it… You have not taken action in certain ways in your life, and it has cost you a lot of time, money, energy, and/or resources.

We both know there have been times where you could have hired the right team to handle certain aspects of your business, and you held back… or… maybe inaction showed itself as de-prioritizing your important aspects of your business for one reason or another.

What ever it looks like — observe it, acknowledge it, own it, and take action so your cost of inaction doesn’t own you.

YOUR NEXT STEP: Clear Calendar and prepare for your Business Apex Strategy Session

I’m Blair Singer, and you and I are together at the basecamp… looking up at your business Apex.

Are you ready to take your Next Step on this journey together?

Between now and your Business Apex Strategy Session, I’d like to invite you to watch the short training (less than 240 seconds) and download your “Peaks And Valleys Timeline” Worksheet.

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