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Click “Play”, and turn up the sound for an important message from Blair.

Congratulations on taking action, you are one of the few adventurous business owners who has made a decision to get out of your own way, leave the baggage behind, and journey from “self employed” to “scalable business”, a business that takes care of you. Rather than you being a slave to it. 

Be sure to read until the end, because scaling a business is much like climbing any kind of massive mountain peak, like Kilimanjaro or Mount Everest. And, today you are standing at the precipice — when you step forward, you inherit the future (and all that comes with it).

In the next short period of time you are going to meet one of the members of my business team of business guides. My guides have been hand selected, and have real world experience to help you. 

You will receive a reminder the day before, and the day of your meeting to make sure we get together. 

Listen — I’ve summited Kilimanjaro 10 times. I’ll tell you this… there are 4 things you need in order to get to the top of that mountain. This applies to any mountain… to any Apex you’re going to achieve. 

You need:

  1. The right gear, 
  2. The right preparation, 
  3. The right guide, and 
  4. The right mindset. 
And there’s an expression we have on the mountain; “Pounds Equal Pain”. 

So when I say you need the right gear… it’s not so much about all the gear you need. Sometimes people have too much gear, too much mental garbage, and things need to be left behind to lighten the load, because… as the altitude gets higher, the air gets thinner. 

You are able to succeed, and get stronger (not weaker) when you lighten the load. 

That’s why I created an exercise for you called “Your Peaks and Valleys Timeline”.

Your Peaks and Valleys Timeline is easy, and it won’t be time consuming. 

It’s actually a lot of fun. 

Click here to download Your Peaks and Valleys Timeline Now >>

Here’s how it works. 

On the left side of the graphic, you see “little you.” On the right you see “big you”. 

Under the “little you,” write down the year you first started thinking about what you wanted to do with your life… or realized you had ambitions. You could have been eight years old, it could have been when you graduated from high school, could have been in college.

Whatever it is… it is. 

The right side — “Big you” — that’s today, because you are here now standing at the precipice, and you are ready to inherit the future (and all that comes with it)… today. 

Notice, on the left side of the sheet, there is “+” and a “-” above and below the line.

Okay, now, I’d like to ask you to take a pen, and… starting on the line… as you move from “little you” to “big you,” for all the positive experiences you had, take the line up. And for negative experiences in your life, you take that line down.

Maybe you won an award, and that was awesome — move the line up. And then, maybe, you went through a painful divorce, which wasn’t so good — move the line down. Then you started a business, and you made your first million dollars — move the line up again. 

You get the idea

Aim for three or four peaks and three or four valleys, because you don’t need much. 

In my experience, if you do it fast, it’s probably best, because things that come to mind when you don’t put a lot of thought into it. If you want to do it a couple times, that’s fine.

Here’s what to do next…

Bring Your Peaks and Valleys Timeline with you to your meeting. What you’re going to find, you may already notice some of the patterns you have. 

With your Peaks and Valleys, we will be able to plot your journey from “self employed” to a real scalable business. 

Again, congratulations on taking action. Congratulations on being willing to let go of some of that baggage as we go to this Apex together. I’m sure it’s gonna be an awesome journey for you. 

Be amazing.

Blair Singer

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