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4 Ancient Buddhist Practices That Bring Success

Recently, my travels brought me to Thailand. I did a program there, and had the unbelievable honor of spending 3-days at a Buddhist temple outside of Bangkok.

I studied and meditated intently with a senior Buddhist monk. I learned 4 practices that can make you successful if you implement them in your life. I’d love to share them with you. 

These principles have been used by the best minds in spirituality for over 2,500 years, and can bring you great success if you implement them in your life and business. 

Click “Play,” and so you can apply these 4 Buddhist principles in your life and business.

There are 4 ancient Buddhist practices that can make you very successful, rich, and happy… if you know how to apply them.  You’re here now, so if you’re going to scale a business and improve your entrepreneurship, these practices will make a huge difference in your life. 

1. Clear your mind. 

Imagine your brain as a muddy river. You can’t see what’s at the bottom, and you don’t know if there’s dangerous creatures floating around down there. 

That’s how your mind is when it’s cloudy. 

Now, picture sailing a boat into a beautiful, pristine Caribbean lagoon. It’s crystal clear. In fact, you can see all the way to the bottom. 

That’s how your mind should be. 

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When you clear your mind, you are able to make decisions, make plans, and be the calm eye in the center of any storm. 

2. Understand that human beings are born with 3 mental diseases. 

Those 3 diseases are: 

  • Greed, 
  • Hatred, and 
  • Delusion, 

There is evidence of these diseases all over the place. You have to constantly fight these mental proclivities in order to achieve success. 

3. Practice the 5 precepts. 

The 5 precepts are: 

  • Do not kill, 
  • Do not steal, 
  • Do not lie, 
  • Do not practice sexual misconduct, and 
  • Do not pollute your body. 

Simple, right?

And yet… There’s more to them than what meets the eye.

Take ‘do not kill,’ for example. Of course, it means not to kill living things. But it also means that you shouldn’t kill dreams, ideas, or your own attitude. Don’t kill what gives you life and spirit. 

Now, take ‘do not steal.’ Don’t steal physical things… and don’t steal ideas, either. Don’t take anything that isn’t yours. 

Regarding ‘no sexual misconduct,’ this refers to extramarital activity first and foremost. It also deals with the concept of disloyalty in general. Along with staying loyal to your marriage, you should also remain loyal to your team, your brand, your commitments, and your values. 

When you consider ‘do not lie,’ know it won’t always be easy to tell the truth. 

Sometimes, it will be painful. But if you lie, the lies will build up until they take over your whole life. 

And lastly, ‘do not pollute your body.’ In business, stay focused. Don’t self-medicate, don’t turn to alcohol or drugs, don’t turn to shopping, don’t turn to whatever is new and shiny. That’s just a diversion from the goal. 

4. Stay clean and orderly. 

It’s essential to clear away what you don’t need. For your most efficient and productive work, your space should be pristine and tidy. In a clean area, you feel bigger. That will translate to an entrepreneurial setting, and no one will be able to knock you down. 

The 4 Buddhist Practices

You owe it to yourself and your team to practice these principles that have been proven again and again over 2500 years by some of the best minds in spirituality. Don’t waste another second – you deserve to achieve your dreams. 

A lot of entrepreneurs have the desire to apply these Buddhist principles. What’s keeping them from doing it is the thought of not being able to stick to it.

It’s a form of self sabotage.

Are you one of those who listens to the annoying ‘Little Voice’ inside you who thinks things can’t be done for one reason or another? 

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