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What If You Could Get Out Of The Rat Race And Transition From Self Employed To Fully Scalable Business That Delivers Your Legacy Lifestyle…And Brand That Sells Itself?

Is that an adventure you’d like to go on?

Fearless, strong, powerful, can dodge bullets and bombs

If you are a business owner, parent, coach, or anyone who leads a group to a goal, and you have chosen to lead, I think …

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Fear of what others think

The fear of what others think will become less and less controlling. Time does heal, but only if you practice. So many people have ideas …

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Developing a Code of Honor

A Code of Honor is the cornerstone of the culture of any organization because it is the physical manifestation of its thoughts, ideals and philosophies. …

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Skills inherent in sales are probably the most life-changing

The skills inherent in sales are probably the most life-changing skills people can have, even if they never call on one prospect. I can tell …

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Gaining Control of Your “Little Voice”

People say that money, success, and relationships aren‘t necessarily what life is all about. And that may be true. But ironically, the quest for money, success, …

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What Kind of Leader Are You?

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” —John C. Maxwell The Summit Leadership Model works like this. …

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As 2022 quickly sinks into the horizon, make a difference in 2023

In a world looking for what to believe….teach them how to think In a world searching for leadership…be one In a world looking for role …

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7 Steps to Beat Procrastination | How to Beat Procrastination

Stop falling prey to procrastination. Here are 7 things you can do to escape the cycle of procrastination [Click Here>>]

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8 Secrets They Won’t Tell You About Business

There are many paths to reach your business goals but no one will tell you these tips on the way to the top, click here to know the 8 secrets they won’t tell you about business >>

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