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How (Dys-)Functional is your team?

On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being superb and 1 being abysmal, rate you and your team.

In column 1 rate your team on these items.
In column 2 rate yourself as you play on your team in these areas.

NOTE: Tell the truth…not how you ‘should’ play, but how you do play.

     1   2   3   4   5    1   2   3   4   5
1. There are no hidden agendas.    
2. People take 100% responsibility. There is no justification or finger pointing.    
3. We all trust each other.    
4. There is no 'stamp collecting' on our team. (See definition of stamp collecting.)    
5. We have clear rules of conduct for the team.    
6. Everyone plays by the same definitions of those rules…really.    
7. When somebody breaks the rules of conduct, someone on the team immediately 'calls' them on it.    
8. We have inspired leadership on the team.    
9. Everyone on the team thrives under pressure.    
10. We never abandon a team mate in need.    
11. Everyone is always right on time.    
12. Everyone is totally 'with the program.'    
13. There is little fear from authority.    
14. We handle mistakes well.    
15. Everyone is doing stuff that they are really good at.    
16. There is a ton of respect between the players.    
17. We exceed expectations and performance consistently.    
18. We celebrate all wins.    
19. We have the best players for every position.    
20. We meet and debrief regularly.    
21. We are into this game for way more than a paycheck.    
22. We win consistently.    
23. We engage in personal development training and practice regularly.    
24. We handle conflict very well.    
25. There is no gossip or talking about people behind their backs.    


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