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6 Often Overlooked Skills To Close Even More Sales

Business owners need great salespeople on the team. After all, there is no income for a business without making sales. If sales are your passion and profession, it’s your opportunity to shine.

A great salesperson doesn’t have to come from a college degree. The foundation of a great salesperson comes from raw material — a substance that can turn anyone into an effective purveyor of business goods and services.

There are six things you must remember in order to be an outstanding salesperson. Those six things for success are as follows: 

1. The highest energy wins. 

You have to have high energy to be excellent in sales. 

If you’re a parent, think about this in terms of your kids. If your kids’ energy is higher than yours, who’s going to ‘win’ in that situation? Hint: It’s usually them. 

Slumps are easy to fall into but should be avoided at all costs by someone in sales. A good salesperson can state, shift, and increase the level of their mood at a moment’s notice. 

2. Persistence is key. 

You don’t have to be an attack dog to be successful, but you do have to be a dog in a sense. 

Dogs are persistent in the best way — they love you no matter what, and they don’t give up on you. They’re as loyal as the day is long. Much like a good dog, those are also attributes of a good salesperson.

A good salesperson is persistent in everything they do; they take a dogged approach to life. They don’t quit. They’re persistent in their practice. They keep calling until they get the deal. 

3. Be 100% real. 

People want to talk to somebody that they feel they can trust. In order to create that connection, your thoughts, values, actions, and beliefs should all be congruent. You have to let people know that what they see is what they get. 

Tell the truth. 

If somebody asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, don’t make one up. Tell them you can call someone to figure it out or at least put in effort researching it. Never pretend to be someone that you’re not. This will win you trust, respect, and the favor of the people. 

Remember, it’s a conversation you’re having. Not a performance you’re putting on. 

4. Get meticulous with follow-ups. 

Just because you’re ready to sell doesn’t mean your customer is ready to buy. So, if you continue to follow up in a meaningful way (not pestering), there will come a time where they will entertain your pitch. 

Follow-ups are difficult for many salespeople, so you’ve got to implement a strategy. Try a list management system, Outlook, or something else that works for you. 

If somebody gives you any hint on how you can follow up with them, do it. And if they don’t give hints, find good reasons to follow up. Find ways to connect with them on their level, and these methods can act as your lead-in. The common ground between the two of you will build trust. 

5. Be accountable. 

You want to be accountable to numbers as a salesperson.

Every sales organization has a selling cycle that includes the steps of generating a sale, and all of those steps get measured. The accountability to these measurements doesn’t mean that the numbers are always good. It means you’re keeping track of them to consistently improve the cycle. 

It always helps to have an accountability partner. That way, you can keep each other in check. 

6. Be a committed student. 

You’ve got to love studying the art of selling. 

You’ve got to know that you get a little better at your craft every time you study that art. You close a few more deals. Your numbers go up a little more. It’s as simple as that.

Lifelong sales students are also crazy committed to learning the art of negotiation, persuasion, and communication. You must be relentless about absolutely everything, studying the business down to its core, and studying your clients as well. 

You should have the drive to study everything about your market and your niche. When you talk to your customers, you’ll know exactly what to say — thanks to all this studying, you’ll practically be able to read their minds. 

Sales Greatness is a Lifelong Journey

Sales is a skill you can refine and develop.

Your commitment and passion to becoming a great salesperson already has you starting strong in this lifelong journey of success.

You’ve already taken an important step to becoming a great salesperson — you have the initiative. 

We both know to close a sale, your market or audience needs to know, like, and trust you. 

And… you never get a second chance to make your introduction. 

In fact, the hard truth is, you have about 10 seconds before people form an impression and opinion of you. It may not be right… it might not be fair, yet… once they form their opinion, it could take you months or years to change it… If EVER.

To be confident, you MUST quickly and concisely establish credibility, respect, trust, and likeability in a compelling way.

Let’s face it, introducing yourself to a group, a room, or a stranger at a networking event can be terrifying. When it’s time to overcome your fear, and present your best self, I made this for you, I think it’ll help…

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Be Awesome!

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