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6 Things You Should NEVER Do If you Want to Win in Business or in Life

Here are 6 things you should never do if you want to win – in every sense of the word. 

1. Never tell your mentor: “I know that.” 

If someone is taking the time to show you the ropes, they’ve clearly got the experience it takes to do that. To this person, you should never say, “I know that” or “I’ve tried that” in regards to something they’re trying to teach you. Even if you actually have tried what they’re suggesting and it didn’t work, you still need to take the time to listen. 

Hear it differently this time. Ask questions. Be open and receptive so you can get new ideas, be included in great investments, and be a part of great opportunities. 

2. Wait 60 seconds to respond to something upsetting.

If you can wait longer than 60 seconds, that’s ideal. If you don’t respond right away, you’ll find that your quality of response will be 100 times better. If you respond right away, your emotions are high and your intelligence is low. 

3. Never gossip about other people. 

No matter who you’re with or if you think you’re safe, don’t do it. In sales, we’re taught never to trash our competition to a customer because doing so is in poor taste. Not only that – what goes around comes around.

The second reason not to trash others is because putting others down is no way to build yourself up. 

If you avoid talking poorly about others, you become someone that people trust with confidential information. 

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. 

By comparing yourself, you cut your energy and effectiveness in half because you’re focusing on what another party is doing and letting their actions guide your decisions. 

Remember that there’s no one out there like you, no one with exactly your experience.

You need to spend time learning to like yourself and building your self-esteem. Comparing your wealth, your position, your effectiveness… all of those things will kill you. 

5. Never let someone else determine your mood. 

There’s only one person that can make you feel bad, and that’s you. If you believe the bad things that people say about you, that’s on you. It can be hard not to take these things to heart, but it’s a skill that you have to learn. 

You’re the one who manufactures your mood. 

6. Never make a sizable investment for a brochure or an ad. 

Make sure to have due diligence. Get experience with whoever you’re buying from and look into what they do. Get a referral. Don’t go into something blindly just because an ad looks enticing. 

Bonus – Three Things TO Do

Here are three things TO do in order to win:

  1. Boost your self-esteem. 
  2. Be a goal-setter
  3. Be grateful 

If you follow these tips, you will be able to walk into a room as your best self every single time – and you will see success both in business and in your life. 


No matter how much you follow the tips I have, things will not always be a walk in the park.

There are times when you think you can’t do it. You are sabotaging yourself.

The annoying  “Little Voice” in your head will tell you you are tired, you need to stop, you’re not good enough.

Will you listen to the annoying voice in your head?

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