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7 Steps to Beat Procrastination | How to Beat Procrastination

Today, you are going to finally stop falling prey to procrastination. Here are 7 things that you can do to escape the cycle of putting things off:

1. Have a goal. 

Whether you’re starting a business or getting married, you need to have a goal. And that desire for your goal needs to be greater than your fear of what you have to do to achieve it. 

For even more detail and examples, click “PLAY” on the video below.

2. Make a list.

Make an exhaustive list of all the ‘whys’ surrounding what you want to do. Fill up an entire page! 

No reason is good or bad, or better or worse than the one. The more items you can list, the closer you’ll be to uncovering the real reason why you want to accomplish your goal.

3. Know how to face resistance. 

You’re trying to build something that wasn’t there before, so there’s going to be natural resistance. The other resistance comes from inside your brain – your Little Voice. 

You can’t let your Little Voice overtake the mission. Think of resistance as a force of nature, and it’s there to stop you from doing your work. When it shows up, you need determination to get past it. 

When resistance shows up, say to yourself: “This is why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

(That’s why your list from step 2 is so important.)

4. You become what you repeat. 

Whatever you repeat to yourself…You will believe it. It doesn’t matter if it’s “you’re not ready”, “not old enough”, or “not experienced enough” – If you repeat it, you believe it. 

You burn it into your brain. 

You’ve got to overcome this programming in all areas of life, even small ones. 

For example, don’t wait to take out the trash. Do it right now, and that practice will shift into other sectors of your life to eradicate procrastination. 

5. Declutter your space. 

Get rid of distractions. 

Clean up everything lying around in your office in order to create a clean and pristine space. This is conducive to focus, and you can set up your environment to win. 

6. Use affirmations. 

Here is a great affirmation to start with: “I have faith in myself. I believe in myself. I trust myself. I’ve got this.” 

Affirmations empower you and bring your energy up – you’re working the chemicals in your brain to form new neural pathways. If you don’t do this, your procrastination may get stronger. 

7. Have an accountability partner.

Have someone who will hold your toes to the fire. They might bug the crap out of you… Well, that’s because they believe in you. 

It’s not about the end result; it’s about who you become in the process. And that person is your amazing self – go out there and be that person today. 

It takes conscious effort to be able to beat procrastination. There is always this little voice inside your head that is telling you you can’t do it.

You can choose to be the master of that Little Voice inside you that casts doubt and makes you question yourself.

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