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8 habits to be rich | Being a Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki

Here are 8 habits you need to learn in order to become rich.

You might already know, Robert Kiyosaki and I have been friends since 1980. We’ve been working together ever since. I’m going to tell you what he’s really like, and the real story of the experience of being his advisor. 

1. Be an insatiable student. 

Robert is an adamant student. He studies things intently. 

We show up having already studied the information – Why? Because we want to be prepared and have an edge over others around us. 

2. Know it’s not for the faint of heart.

You’ve got to be ready for immediate and direct feedback – not only from Robert, but from any advisor.

Who do you hang around with? If you want to be successful, you have to hang around with people who tell you the truth. 

If you’re going to be rich, you need to be able to take direct, unabridged, unbiased feedback. And when you get that feedback, whether you agree with it or not, shut up and listen to it. 



3. Hang around people smarter than you. 

My team is composed of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and any advisor will tell you they are fortunate to be a part of their team. Why? Because they are consistent students, and they’re always learning and getting smarter every day. 

4. Expect random phone calls. 

At any time of day, the phone could ring with one of the other advisors asking you a question or giving feedback. 

This random phone call could make a difference in your life, which is why you should always be ready to receive it. 

5. Be your best at all times.

There is no downtime, whether you’re on stage, a guest on a podcast, or with a client – no matter what, strive to be your best. If you’re in action, there’s no slack to be had whatsoever. 

Never settle for second best. 

The wealth of each advisor is linked to another advisor in the group, and you can’t let your team down.

6. Network

The network of the advisors is sacred. I’m not going to do anything in business without running it by one of them. Why recreate the wheel when your friends are your advisors? Do you have those kinds of trustworthy people in your midst? 

7. Be generous. 

What is Robert Kiyosaki like? 

He’s very generous with his time, wealth, and knowledge. What he does for others in terms of education and contributions is amazing. If he feels he can trust you, the door is always open. 

In your midst, do you have that level of trust? 

Are people willing to do whatever it takes to support you, and are you willing to support them in return? 

8. Have fun. 

If you can’t laugh, you have no business being an entrepreneur. You’ve got to have fun and make light of things. That fun comes from the passion of entrepreneurship and the passion of being who we want to be. 

Getting Rich

On your road to becoming an entrepreneur, don’t forget to challenge yourself, educate yourself, and hold yourself accountable. Remember that you can only learn more, never less. 

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