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A Reminder that Everything Counts

Here in America, Thanksgiving has just passed and we are moving into our big end of year holiday season. This is a time for us to give thanks for those things that we have. Yet this season it takes an even deeper meaning based upon a conversation I had with one of associates. An incredible woman by the name of Laurel.

She gave me a perspective that shifted my view ever so slightly, but profoundly, and I want to pass it on to you. Not long ago she was told by her doctors that she had a rare and nasty cancer deep in her abdomen. She realized that she had a choice to make. One was to be terrified and depressed knowing that the prognosis was not good… a justifiable response. Yet in the face of this horrible situation she said she saw it as a gift.

Why a gift? She said that God, the Universe or whatever had given her, with this terrible news, a membership to a very elite club. A club consisting of a small and rare group of individuals who, unlike most of us, now has the presence and focus to soak in every sunset, sense every breeze that wafts by her cheek, notices and relishes every inflection, nuance and expression in even the smallest of things and yes… savors every breath. Life for her instantly jumped to a whole new level of appreciation and gratitude. Everything counts!

(You should know that she also decided to not only face the demon, but wrestle it to the ground…which she is doing.)

What Laurel pointed out is that the things that we have always had are even the most precious. In speaking with her, it became my commitment for me and my hope for all of you to be present with the preciousness of the most amazing things we have.

It should not take a catastrophic event, diagnosis or situation to get us to appreciate what we have or what we have lost.

This Thanksgiving and beyond, I am grateful for each breath, smile, tear, emotion and touch that envelopes my life. In my daily gratitude process I am grateful for honor, integrity, love and abundance.

I am grateful for all of you whose intentions, dreams and actions precessionally raise the consciousness and well-being of millions around you and who have touched my life in so many ways. I am grateful to have been able to teach you, know you, inspire you, learn from you and to be moved by you. I am grateful for the trust you have given to allow me to do these things.

It is my wish for you that every moment brings you closer to your dreams and that, as Laurel says, we all become members of that elite club that savors every bit of life force we have and share.

Most of all….thank you for being YOU!



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