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  1. Greetings Blair Singer,


  2. I wasn’t happy in a job. I survive an average 6 months in each job. I became self employed as a professional at 26 you but got bored in spite of being profitable. I’m now an entrepreneur and I understand exactly what you’re saying here. I can finally breathe easy, play bigger with asking for the money, play bigger with collaborations, attract a new team. I actually disqualified a person for saying, “Yes, everyone should share a piece of the cake, we don’t have to eat it all.” I was like, you got to be kidding me! I don’t do sharing a cake. I do “let’s bake more cakes without adding to our expenses so each of us gets our own cake.”

    As an entrepreneur I love the new high of risks and the glory of being seen as an expert or niche within niche. It is like it isn’t worth doing if I’m not going to have to risk all of me especially my personal idea of myself.

    One of the most liberating breakthroughs for me last year was realizing I don’t need to manage my business but just hire and pay people. Initially I’ll make less money but I’ll have an exit strategy plus I only need to make a slice from many many pieces of whole cakes.

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