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Could Goal Setting be a Spiritual Practice?

You have the power to change your life

Does Goal Setting as a spiritual practice sound too woo woo to you? It did to me when I wrote it. But, I decided not to change it because, I want to make a point, woo woo, or not. If you believe that you came into this world to discover and share your unique gifts that will help others, as I do, then you cannot help but realize that goal setting is part of that process. To find what you are supposed to be doing, it takes a process of aligning your values and talents with meaningful goals that bring wealth and happiness to you, and others around you.

Some people are blessed by identifying their unique gifts early in life. Some start honing their talent at a very young age, such as: Tiger Woods in golf; Justin Bieber with music; and Michael Phelps as a swimmer. Why? Because they set goals for themselves that took them deeper into their talents. But, not everyone is this driven that early in life or, if they are, they get disillusioned too soon. Perhaps their environment does not support their desires, or their self concept has been damaged too severely to even approach their true potential.

Sometimes as we grow up, we become programmed with what we believe we should accomplish based on all the values and stories that were shared with us over the years by those we loved, respected or feared, whom we let subconsciously define who we believe we should be. We fall into doing what our subconscious minds feed us to do and react to our lives, instead of making decisions based on our talents and what we feel passionate about… what we really are supposed to do. As Mack Newton says with the right process, Becoming a compulsive goal setter gives you the ability to control the direction of your life its like having your hands on the steering wheel of your life. Goal Setting is part of the practice of self-discovery.

In the program that Mack Newton and I put together, Champion Level Goal Setting, we help you evaluate your goals based on the true impact they will have on your life, overall. For instance, its nice to say you want to get the living room painted in 3 weeks or buy a Porsche in the next 6 months. But, if you are also saying: Get off cholesterol and blood pressure medication, connect with 10 new people that can help you get funding for your non-profit organization, spend at least 30 minutes a day with your kids before they go to sleep, and win the lottery you can see you have a lot of goals, possibly too many, possibly conflicting, possibly out of obligation rather than choice and others that are simply wishes not goals.

The solution to discovering who you are supposed to be and getting the wealth you deserve is a matter of prioritizing. To achieve a dream takes energy and passion. And the reason you sometimes dont get what you want is because without your spirit engaged, you dont have the energy to pull it across the line.

And, for me, when I go through this goal setting exercise (usually every 6 weeks or so), I let the process naturally filter the goals down to the ones that will have the greatest positive impact on my life right now. And you know what? Many times they are not the ones I originally suspected. But they are the ones that my heart and soul really want. When that happens, all the other goals get magically pulled along in the vortex of the gravitational pull of those few key goals. Its as if your spirit is saying thank you and that universal ocean of wealth and abundance and joy automatically open up. Again, as Mack says, When you achieve the skill of goal setting, you truly have the ability to rebound from any of lifes challenges and the confidence needed to pursue your true possibilities.

So, I say real goal setting is a spiritual practice when done in a way that helps you focus on becoming the person you want to be who achieves the things you are most passionate about vs. mindless acquisition or knocking things off a to-do list that have minimal overall effects on your life.

Learn more about the Champion Level Goal Setting program that Mack and I created to help you set and realize the right goals for you, and create the plan that will have you experiencing successes in weeks, not months!

If you have more questions about goal setting, please post them on my Facebook page or e-mail them to info@blairsinger.com. And, thanks for participating in the discussion!

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