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  1. I have always struggled with building a team. I know it’s important but I find myself in a position where I can’t hire any team members to help me out cause the sales I have are so low. In fact I am just barely keeping my head above water with everything as it is. What recommendations would you give to someone in this position?

    1. Great question. There are people you can barter services with. You can also work with freelancers you pay only when you have paid work. You can look for interns that can learn from you in exchange for the opportunity to learn.

  2. Yes that is exactly how it is and so I just started working on the code of honor!

    Thanks to Blair Singer for these informations! They are much more than just a good marketing strategy! They are key elements for success!

  3. I had the opportunity to attend Blair Singer ‘s Sales & Leadership Mastery Program in 2011… the time I started my business… I learned from him…I took action to develop team code of honor….marketing and sales system…. we developed Referral System… learning how to sell on stage…. learning and practicing how to sell and close more… his formula works… I think the simplicity of his teaching and formula are the key for us to understand and be able to apply… During these 3 years…. we increase our revenue one Digit per year… moving from 4 in 2011 to 6 digits in 2014…. and we aim for 7 digits in 2015. Thank you Mr. Blair Singer for sharing your great gifts for us!

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