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The difference between where you are today and where you want to go is not nearly as far as you think. It’s not years, it’s not even months– it could be an instance away.

The fact is, almost 95% of the people who set out to reach for their dreams don’t get them, especially in business. It’s not that they don’t work hard or that they’re bad people necessarily. That 5% is something else. That missing percentage can be bridged with an easy formula that I have been developing for 25-30 years of working in my own business, and other companies around the world.

The first component is sales. It’s the number one most important skill you could ever have in life and business. Why? Because sales equals income.

Of the many business owners who have a problem with cash-flow, their problem lies within sales. Either they don’t know how to sell, don’t like to sell or don’t think it’s important for their business. If you can’t sell, you can’t generate income.

The next component is building a team. If you want massive or passive income, then you’ve got to have a great team. No matter what anyone tells you, business is a team sport. And your team doesn’t have to be just your employees or sales people, but it also includes your customers, vendors, advisers, lenders all of these people are a part of your team.

Your ability to put together a champion team to leverage you and your dreams is critical for success.

Keep in mind that developing a team needs to happen before your success in order to help you succeed. Many people believe that once they have become successful, then they can build out a team, but it is actually opposite. Put together a great team right now to help you create massive income.

Teamwork is also critical. Cooperation within your company comes from you teaching your team how to work together for the common goal of growing your business.

Teaching is the third component. You’ve got to learn how to teach people in your team to sell. By teaching a team of people to sell, you’re creating a better path to massive and passive income.

Systems. You have got to build solid and reliable systems in your business so that your business can still run even without your presence. Meaning, if you were to go away for just a few days or weeks, your business can still generate income. Marketing systems, training systems, accounting systems, referral systems — being able to automate all of it so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Accountability. People would always ask me, whats the best sales motivation tool? I recall a time when I was at my first sales job, our manager would have us post up our numbers at every Monday morning sales meeting. This forced all of us to be held accountable to our numbers — what we said we were going to produce and what we produced.

It doesn’t only work in business, but in other areas of your life as well, like your health or your finances. If you truly want something bad enough, you have got to hold yourself accountable to your goals, or get someone else to hold you accountable. Without self-discipline, accountability is the distance between you what you want to achieve.

Code of Honor. When my air freight trucking business was about to die, I told all of my employees that I was going to cut them loose, that we had reached the end. But they wouldn’t let me do that.

That’s because one thing I learned from my mentors is that the glue that holds the business together, is the same thing that holds a family together. The same thing goes for a religion, a sports team, a civilization — is that we had a Code of Honor.

A Code of Honor is essentially a set of rules that a team operates by, like the Ten Commandments or The Constitution. It’s where people operate as a team, with high levels of accountability, with systems to hold it’s shape.

But it’s more than just rules — there’s a certain spiritual bond that holds people together for a higher purpose to accomplish something. Rules like never abandoning a teammate in need, treating each other with respect, taking personal responsibility and never passing blame — all of this is part of your Code of Honor.

So, do you have an area of interest that you feel you need to work on? Perhaps it’s learning how to sell, or learning how to teach your team how to sell? What area or areas will make the most difference right now? Click on the corresponding links to find more information tailored for your needs.

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Why is all of this important? Because you have a dream. And the only thing stopping you is lack of knowledge. If you’re here reading this, then it’s not because of the lack of will or indifference to your goals. It’s only lack of knowledge, and together, we can handle that quickly.

Be Awesome!

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