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The Day Amazon Died

What is faster than a speeding bullet? Faster than even the speed of light? You got it the speed of a thought!!!

As an entrepreneur, the last 72 hours have been the most amazing, frustrating and enlightening 72 hours of my entire 27 year business career. It was the day that I watched an industry die and the power of a thought win.

On Tuesday we did a massive launch of my new book “Little Voice”Mastery. The primary goal was to drive the book to number one best selling status for one purpose only. To build a community because we are so convinced that the message of “Little Voice” and winning the war between your ears is THE message for 2009 and beyond. With nearly 31 incredible joint venture partners and over a million people being reached the book raced in rankings from over 119,000th to 177 to 120 to 99 and then Amazon died. A measly several hundred book orders overran their back order system and they shut us down. With no one to talk to, since accounts are handled in India, the best that Amazon could do was issue a couple of Purchase Orders. One for 20 and another for 30 books. We pleaded with them to let us send them the thousands we had printed but alas bureaucracy won the day.

In my frustration, I suddenly realized that the goal had really already been achieved. The purpose for #1 was to get exposure to attract a community of like-minded people who know that the secret to 2009 and beyond is to Boycott the Recession by eliminating the depression, recession, stagnation, etc. from your brain first!!!

That community was only one click away from reality had Amazon allowed them to place the orderbut you know policy all we wanted to do was build the freakin community!! Yet I realized we were dealing with an industry that was dying in front of my eyes the book industry. It’s an old idea that is too slow because of its physicalness, its warehouses, and its bloated bureaucracy. It was like watching steamship companies trying to deal with the new Boeing 707s in the 60s. Too slow.

So what was the goal? A community of like minded people who, like our SalesPartners Franchise owners, have decided to Boycott the Recession particularly the one between your ears. (In a recent event in Northern California, Zig Ziglar and Rudy Guliani went up to several of our SalesPartners who were wearing BoycottRecession.com T-shirts and commented that they were right on!)

Why? Because depression, recession, deflation and inflation are “Little Voice” issues that become economic issues if you cannot master them. So what are we doing? We are bypassing the old system. 2009 is about the speed of thought and the speed with which you can control and direct those thoughts.

To all those people who flooded to a nonresponsive site and who know that it is about your “Little Voice” we are giving the book away for free!! All we wanted was the community anyway. Our business is improving the quality of life for everyone through transformation of the marketplace. One way to transform it is to not allow yourself to get sucked into the paradigm of anything that slows you down, makes you small or inhibits the speed of your spirit.

And for all the others who were able to purchase the book, you win too. Youll get a Free, two-month membership to my exclusive Little Voice Mastery Club. Youre automatically enrolled as of today and youll be hearing from us shortly. Be awesome!!

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