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How To Get Shit Done – How To Be Productive in Business

How often do you beat yourself up because you can’t get everything done? Or because you keep forgetting something you really need to do? 

The good news is, you’re not not alone. 84% of Americans feel stressed weekly, with the most stress on Monday mornings. Constant overwhelm does not help you as an entrepreneur. 

Do you want to take your business from solo to a fully scalable business? In that case, you have to learn how to get shit done, which does not include constant overwhelm and undone tasks.

Internal and external factors are in play when struggling with getting things done. First, internally, you hyperfocus on daily minutia because you don’t value yourself or your dreams enough on some level. 

Second, externally, your strengths become your weaknesses. As an entrepreneur, I expect you to excel (or did!) at getting things done on some level! People can spot a go-getter and tend to hand off tasks they don’t want. As you take on more responsibilities, you feel overwhelmed and find you can no longer get things done.

You need a complete reset to overcome your inability to accomplish essential tasks. Reprioritizing and releasing tasks that don’t belong to you is a necessary step in the process. The next step is to make it a habit to complete the tasks that take you closer to your dreams and goals.



Addicted to Busy

Busy people are often confused with productive people. This is not always true. Being productive means that you can complete tasks. How you spend your time determines if you are busy. Procrastinators can be busy without accomplishing much.

Did you know being busy is addictive? Are you feeling less creative, frustrated with your schedule, or far less productive than ever? Do you have a full schedule but never have time for the tasks on your list that will move you forward in your life or business? You may be addicted to being busy. 

You either have too much on your plate or are not making yourself a priority. You must commit to changing your daily routine to break the busy habit. Creating a habit takes about 30 days. Finding an accountability person to help you stay consistent is vital when making habitual changes.

Time is a Limited Resource

Everyone has 24 hours a day, and every waking hour can not be a working hour. For example, out of the 24 hours, 8 hours make up a typical work day. Taking this even further, everyone has about 5 total productive hours out of an 8-hour workday. It is crucial to be mindful when choosing your tasks.

This is where I suggest using “sacred time.” This time is not for journaling or meditating. Sacred time, in this case, is for tasks related to reaching your goals. You may be wondering, how will I find time each week to work on my personal business goals or projects? The answer is to delete and delegate!

Delete from your plate any tasks that do not belong to you or should not belong to you. Then when you have pared down your list, delegate! As an entrepreneur, you need a team. Even a small team will help you free up valuable time to work on your business goals.

Do you feel overwhelmed, busy and unproductive? You need to learn how to get stuff done! In August, my new Summit Leadership Book was released. I had to learn to move things around to get stuff done to meet my deadlines!

Seeking out new business skills as an entrepreneur is vital in this new world of business skills. Check out Blair Singer’s Training Academy (BSTA). You will find the very best in real business skill development taught by real entrepreneurs.

Even if you are busy, you should not forget to network and connect to prospects and leads. 
How can you do this consistently and with confidence?

You need a carefully-planned, carefully-tailored message that will appeal to them and clearly convey your intentions and goals.

For less than 10 minutes, filling out my Storyboard Builder will help you craft the perfect message and craft a perfect business persona which will last a lifetime.

You will never have to agonize, worry, and second guess yourself about what to say (and how to say it), you will feel comfortable in your own skin as you deliver your tailored message with confidence.

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