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Lessons from a Teenager on Taking Action

Do you happen to know someone that is willing to “do whatever it takes” to accomplish a goal? Being in the personal development field, I am fortunate to know many people that are willing to do so. However, I had a great example of this that I wanted to share.

For those of you who listen to my All Access Club calls, you may remember the one with my coach, Mack Newton, who has coached many famous baseball and NFL players. Well, one of those listeners took what was said on that call to heart. Not did he only take it to heart, but he decided to put it to the test.

Steven, an 18-year old from Western Pennsylvania, had found me through his cousin who suggested Steven read a book from the Rich Dad series. From that book, The ABCs of Building a Business Team that Wins! Steven signed up for the All Access Club call and listened to the 1st recording he found, which was the “Chat with Champions” call featuring Mack Newton.

Long story short: Steven was so moved by what he heard on that call, that he traveled 3.5 DAYS by train to take a class with Mack Newton and see if what was said on the call was what was delivered in person. I know this to be the case, because Steven came to the class I happened to be attending that day, so we got a chance to talk.

Steven explained that he chose to take a 3.5 day journey after listening to that call because, “I dont like where I am in life and Mack said a lot of things that were true and made sense. I came to see if he was all talk or if he was for real.” Now, this is an example of what I think taking action is: You hear about something that you believe can help you make a significant improvement in your life and decide to do “whatever it takes” to make that improvement!

Steven went on to describe his experience as: “I was in a room with very successful people and I have never been challenged that way before in my life. I liked it, but it was so painful, I did not know if I was going to be able to go on. But, I pushed through it just like everybody else. I did not even notice at first but my legs were shaking – it was like I was having seizure! But, I DID it!”

When asked how Steven found the strength to prevail, he recounts the words that were part of the lesson during the training that day from Mack: “You can throw up, you can faint, you can die… but you cannot give up!” Steven then went on to say, “I usually give up fairly easily. But Mack really holds you accountable. Now, I realize, I can’t just give up! Mack explained that there are no shortcuts in life, so, if I want something, I need to stay with it, not give up so easily.”

Steven stayed around long enough to grab something to eat and then boarded the train for his 3.5 day journey home with an experience that will last him a lifetime. He learned that even when it feels like you can’t do it, if it’s important to you, don’t give up – you can surprise even yourself and come out stronger and happier on the other side.

He plans to come back and visit Mack Newton’s gym again in the Spring, bringing his father with him. Until then, he’ll keep doing the workout Mack showed him and making himself stronger mentally and physically so he can prevail in life the way he did in Mack’s class that day.

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