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  1. Thank you for sharing this story. I am climbing my mountain and the process is exhilirating, stretching me and teaching me more than I ever could imagine. I can’t wait until I summit and take that leap of joy. Until then, one step at a time.

    1. Some mountains are without, and some are within. The experience that you had on Kili is remarkably similar to my living with cancer–one step at a time, the testing of the will and the body, pain both physical and mental, and triumphing over both. I hope my path can include joining you at the 5 year mark, when I can claim my own summit. But if that is not to be, I will still climb with you, in spirit.

  2. Just came back from Kili 3 weeks ago. I was wondering how mountain climbing can change people’s life. I made to the summit. During the 6 days, I went though a lot mental / attitude issues. I am glad I did the right thing: focus on presence, one step one time, stay positive, focus on the final goal, make peace with myself, etc.

    Now I am back to my normal life, I decided I will apply the things I learned from the mountain into my daily life and work. I am sure I will be able to conquer one kili after another.

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