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Making Goal Setting Work for You

Make Goal Setting Work for You
Make Goal Setting Work for You

I received many excellent questions on my last blog post titled “GoalsA Deciding Factor to Reaching Your Highest Level of Success” (the blog post just before this one). I decided to answer a couple of the key ones here to help you greatly improve your ability to get what you want quickly and effectively.

Q: – Why is it that I can set really, really important goals with the best of intentions and a high level of commitment and yet, struggle to keep my focus on them… and take so long to reach them (if I reach them at all)?


A: – It is very common for people to set goals, especially at the beginning of a New Year, and to manage to completely forget them in about 4-6 weeks. If the everyday grind and periodic emergencies of your life are what you focus on and demand your attention ultimately, they become your life. So, you must find a way to give frequent and focused time to your goals, period.


Mack Newton and I recommend that you rewrite your goals by hand on a weekly basis, on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day until you achieve them. By looking at your goals frequently, they become guideposts to what else you will give your attention to throughout the day. Otherwise, forgotten on a sheet of paper in a drawer, (or worse, in the deep recesses of your mind, because you did not write them down), they diminish until they are completely….gone.

The real reason, that you may allow the everyday grind and periodic emergencies of your life to distract you from your goals is that deep down inside, you may feel that you don’t deserve what you want. You arent good enough, worthy enough, smart enough whatever. It is this lack of deserving and a flurry of other silent self-sabotaging, confidence eroding Little Voice issues that mysteriously erode your ability to achieve. In the Champion Level Goal Setting Program, we give you processes that will handle all of that, once and for all.

Q: – How do I know what goals are the RIGHT goals for me?

A: – The typical answer is that people often create such big goals that can be overwhelming. So, breaking them down into smaller pieces helps make them achievable. For example, a goal to lose 100 pounds can be changed to the goal to lose 10 pounds a month for 10 months.Setting reasonable goals is one answer, but the bigger and more likely answer is; Knowing which goal is tied to what you are emotionally and spiritually most committed to achieving.

When you select goals that help you move closer to sharing your values, unique gifts, talents and visions with the world, vs. trying to keep up with the Joneses or because your parents, your friends, the media or your Little Voice is telling you what you are supposed to do, you will know you have the right goal and you will be much more likely to achieve it! What I am describing is what we call your Major Defining Purpose (MDP).

My mentor Mack and I know that figuring out your MDP is critical, so Mack developed a process which helps you match your values to the goals that are most meaningful in your professional, family and personal life that are part of your MDP. In the Champion Level Goal Setting program, we take you through this powerful process to help you pick the RIGHT goals for YOU… the ones that will open the floodgates of abundance and achievement that you desire and deserve.

If you have more questions about goal setting, please post them on my Facebook page or e-mail them to info@blairsinger.com. And, thanks for participating in the discussion around goal setting!

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