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  1. I run preschool in bangalore in India. i am in this business for 10 yrs now. i do promotional activities through Education Exhibition, Newspaper ad, printing Flyers, newspaper insertions, display of banners, notice board displays in apartments, facebook, now i have started on line marketing through landing page, 2way message,, google search, sms campigne, banner display, of course word of mouth. with all these promotional activities my enrollment has not scaled much. my target is 300 admissions but i end up with 80 to 100 nos. whats the solution? i am searching for the solution but in vain.

    1. Take a survey and ask your clients why they picked you and stay with you for their pre-school needs. Once you find the main reasons people trust YOU with their children, use what you learn in your marketing materials. Let your happy clients tell you what you do best and then share their words to help other parents who want the same for themselves and their children to recognize you as the best at these services. Also, make sure you are tracking the results of your campaigns and stop the ones not delivering results and move that budget to the ones that are. Wishing you much success!

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