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A new record was set in Singapore this week for Blairs 5 day Authentic Sales & Leadership program. Seventy participants from all over the world sold over $82,000 in product in 10 minutes! Attendees from Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, Latin America, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand didnt let their language differences, circumstances or backgrounds get in the way of their success. They learned how to show their little voice whos in charge to achieve amazing results!

An overall increase of 33% in sales per person was made from previous seminars in just one exercise alone! Over $250,000.00 has been sold during the entire event with 1 day left!! How is this possible when people are talking about the recession? Blair gets to the heart of what holds people and businesses back from attaining the success they want, but so often eludes them. If you would like to learn more about Blairs events so that you can be in the position to achieve extraordinary results, Click here.

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