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People Around the World Share a Common Experience ? Little Voice

The question is, are you managing your Little Voice? Or, is your Little Voice managing you?

A few days ago, I did a Q&A session on my Blair Singer Facebook Fan Page. It was a blast!

I had people from around the world drop by to ask me questions about how they could overcome obstacles and challenges they were facing personally, or in their business. For the most part, many of the questions were really the same but were just different scenarios. Ultimately it came down to: How do I manage my Little Voice to do the things I need to do to be successful? Or, How do I manage my Little Voice to STOP doing things that get in the way of my success?

Little Voices think that they are saving us, saving us from embarrassment, humiliation or shame, if we fail to achieve a goal. They try to keep us safe. This way, we wont get hurt. But, the reality is that they while they may stop us from dying of potential embarrassment, they also stop us from fully living.

Dont let your Little Voice rob you of the opportunity to pursue and ultimately LIVE your dreams. The Little Voice that is keeping you stuck, not letting you finish what you start, telling you that you arent good enough to succeed, preventing you from taking the action you know you should – is the Little Voice that is afraid of failing! Its telling you, If you dont do this at least you wont fail.

Yet, as we know: The one sure path to failure is to never try at all.

Dont let your Little Voice manage how you react to opportunities in your life. Instead, manage your Little Voice and create the life you want to live.

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