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  1. This hit the spot! Thank you it was like you have been living my life…..always grateful

  2. Birgit Westerbusch

    Thank you Blair for these inspiring words.

    I feel the Spirit when I have a conversation with my little voice. Not when it yell on me. When I’m in the forest for a walk or when the work is done for one day and I sit there and think about it. Then I feel the strengh inside that I can do more and reach my goals. The strengh to prepare for the next challenge.
    Have a great day Birgit

  3. Thank you Blair for sharing your very personal experiences and how you deal with them.

    I have found for myself the most important thing for me was to learn to draw the right conclusions. It doesn’t matter if my spirit wins over my little voice or vice versa, the difference is made by how I make sense of the outcome. As humans we’ve been given free will and it is up to (us) how I respond in situation of win or loss. If I win I train more to make winning easier and more joyful, if I learn I train more to have more moments of joy.

  4. Thank you Blair for another inspiring blog. You honour the teacher profession being an example of “walk the talk”

  5. Preparation indeed is the key to success. In my years at IBM, I had to do many presentations to Executives. Preparing and practicing the presos took a lot of time, but I found it. I’m not finding that time today. Thank you Blair for sharing and reminding me of my responsibilities to my future customers and myself.

  6. Every day I wake up and think..what can I do to prepare for everything I want? I ask myself what I need to do in order to get where I want to go. This message is keeping me accountable. The part speaking of your spirit guiding you during lonely practice and isolated preparation really hit me..and motivated me! Thank you Blair Singer

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