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Sailing through an Amazing Ocean

If ever a person wanted to touch the majesty of the universe and planet we live on, these three shots display that majesty from a perspective few get to see.

From high up on Mt. Kilimanjaro, these precious moments allowed those of us there to transcend humanity and become witness and part of an incredible existence.

Sunrise from atop Mt Kilimanjaro
What an amazing planet… early sun-sighting (sunrise) on summit day at 18K feet seeing and feeling the curve and rotation of the earth. Photographer: David Pergolini.


Sunset from atop Mt Kilimanjaro - Blair Singer
A stunning sun-clipse (sunset) a few nights before the summit. Photographer: David Pergolini.


On our ship sailing the Universe
Being in the midst of an eternal universe and truly feeling a part of it. It’s an amazing ocean we are sailing through. The stars are almost like the sea spray against your skin and senses. Photographer: David Pergolini


We could literally feel the earth as a spaceship (as Buckminster Fuller called it) spinning and hurtling through the universe.

For me, it was not an intellectual experience… but a true feeling of being part of this whole existence.

I am thankful that I have been blessed with the ability to experience something so common but so profound.

I hope these pictures are able to move you in some small fraction of the way we were moved… experiencing and enjoying our place in this world from a different perspective high atop Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Be Awesome!


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