1. I started my business with a few hundred dollars in 2011. Luckily, I attended Blair Singer ‘s Sales & Leadership Mastery in the same year. I learned how many breakthrough lessons for my life. And be able to change my mindset from an NGO staff into a business leader. Like his famous quote “Sales = Income” I use the knowledge and skills I learned from Blair to teach my team. We set up our team code of honor, marketing, sales and referral systems. My team now are able to sell service/product worth ranging from one digit to five digits. And we are sure that they will be able to sell six and seven digits worth of products/services in the near future.

    With these big changes in my life and the lives of our customers and clients we are looking forward to having my mentor Blair Singer to educate, inspire, and transform more lives in Cambodia.


    Piseth Kham
    Founder of PM Leadership

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