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The Fastest Way To Destroy Your Business

When I talk to trainers and entrepreneurs, I don’t think it would surprise you to know that they have no intention to destroy their business. In fact most want the same sort of things. And those things generally boil down to consistent revenue and what they revenue could bring them. 

What that DOESN’T mean is hope and theory of what could work. Any success entrepreneur knows business hinges on real-world situations and lessons learned.

THEORY could destroy your business…And fast!

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Business training and education should be actionable, real world advice from people who have been there hands-on.

It’s not right that business schools and many “Guru” Trainers charge an arm and a leg, and CLAIM to educate when they ACTUALLY teach you things you should NEVER do in business.

Let me tell you… they are NOT teaching you how to succeed.

Here’s my vision of the future: A completely new and different education system that focuses on entrepreneurs teaching others how to be better entrepreneurs. 


Our current education system has failed, proven by the fact that most businesses (about 95%) go under within the first 3-5 years of getting off the ground. The reason why these businesses fail is because schools don’t teach you how to succeed. All the information they provide you with is theoretical, when business hinges on real-world situations and lessons learned.

In fact, in my opinion, schools teach you what NOT to do in business. 


Many put forth the idea of poor communication, not being responsible, and avoiding collaboration. The truth is that entrepreneurs teaching other entrepreneurs how to succeed would do so individually — not in a school-type setting, as that type of setting clearly emphasizes the wrong values and business tactics. 

The school setting is old news when it comes to entrepreneurship. That environment is not the environment of life. 

You know an entrepreneur when you meet one because of their grit and ability to stand back up when they get knocked down. Those are skills that can’t be taught in a conventional school setting, as made obvious by the slew of businesses that fail to succeed every year. 

I once got a great piece of information from my friend, Pung, who started a company called DHL International. He said to me: It’s a business owner’s responsibility, not their duty, to teach what they know — otherwise, when his business goes away, his secrets go with him, and all of that information is lost. 

Imagine an education system where the business is the school, because every day in business you learn lesson after lesson. 

And then ask yourself: Who is teaching these lessons? Life? No, all life is doing is providing you with the situation, the problem, and opportunity to find a way through it. 

The teacher is not life, instead it should be the business owner — the entrepreneur. 

An entrepreneur has the skills to teach other entrepreneurs how to succeed in the business world, and in order to keep the circle of life flowing, they should share those skills.

That’s my vision for business education in the future. 

Now, I want you to think about something regarding your business. 

Imagine… What if people loved your brand so much that they’d get into bidding wars for the opportunity to work with you… just because it’s you?

Picture this… What if they were willing to jump through all kinds of hoops (not that it’s necessary, but they’d be willing to) just because they had that much respect for what you’re doing?

And… How would you feel if you were recognized as a leader in your market, niche, or industry for the incredible impact you are able to deliver to the marketplace?

The time is now to embrace the dream that’s been tugging at you.

Do you feel it?

It’s the dream that there’s more for you.

And that’s why I created THIS… it’s for “Next Level” Entrepreneurs like you >>

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