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The Number One Marketing Mistake

How open are you to new ways of marketing?

Do you accept the advice of others?

Or, are you always skeptical, thinking that there’s no way it will work for you?

In my experience, many people fall into the latter category. They hear about a new way to generate leads and automatically think, ‘I can’t apply this to my business.’

Well, let me tell you something:

This is the biggest marketing mistake that you can make!

If you get stuck in your own ways, there’s no way that you can compete against those who know how to ask for help.

Plus, this line of thinking is nothing but the little voice inside your head trying to hold you back.

It’s the same voice that tells you that you can’t sell because you don’t have any leads.

That voice keeps making excuses as to why you shouldn’t try something new.

You must shut it down and start taking action. Otherwise, you’ll simply stay where you are and you’ll be fortunate if you don’t regress.

In the past few emails, I showed you some of the most effective tactics for lead generation and conversion.

I want you to go out there and give them a try.

Reach out to people and have them sell your products. Partner up with others and create fruitful relationships. Don’t overthink every move that you need to make, especially in a pessimistic fashion.

It all comes down to a single word:


Learn how to ask people for help when you need it.

Not only is there no shame in this, but it’s often an integral part of success.

Nobody in business makes it on their own, and trying to do this can bring nothing but trouble. You need to work with others and experiment with different things until you figure out what works.

Start taking action and you’ll get rewarded for it at some point.

Be Awesome!

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The toughest sale is selling you to you. When I finally understood that, within 48 hours my sales went from zero to doubling my sales quota.
Blair Singer
I feel more confident than I believe I ever have. My little voice doesn’t stand a chance to hold me back anymore.
Rick FallsInternet Marketing Consultant
He is a great communicator, great teacher and great human being. Like he says, when it comes to winning, it’s all about mastering your little voice.
Robert KiyosakiAuthor of Rich Dad Poor Dad – teacher, entrepreneur and friend for 27 years.
I was able to increase my personal achievements and most importantly my professional sales by a staggering 1000%. It didn’t take long with these amazing tools to get out of the ditch and reach a level of easily being able to sell a product worth $2,000 within the matter of days. I am now using these very tools to work on adding another “0” and increase my game further by learning how to control and work with my ‘Little Voice’.
Bettina HorvathBusiness Owner and Single Mom

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