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The Unspoken and Somewhat Unknown Secret about Pitching a Deal

On your ascent to achieving a fully scalable business, there’s one thing nobody will ever tell you: People don’t care what’s on your business card, or what your title is. 

In a sales conversation, your prospect has 3 questions in the front of their mind, namely:

  1. Do they respect you?
  2. Do they trust you?
  3. Or do they even like you?

When you’re trying to pitch a deal… You either have them, or you don’t.

Pitching A Deal

Most people don’t know how to pitch a deal. 

What’s more… Because they are never trained how, it’s one of the biggest reasons why people don’t like to sell, and why they fail in their business. 



What if I told you you could perfect the art of the pitch in just a few minutes? 

Then, what if I told you there are only two things to consider:

  1. Logically, why should people like, trust, and respect you?
  2. Emotionally, why should people like, trust, and respect you? 

The first question has everything to do with credibility. The second is about your BIG WHY – Why you do what you do.  One of the easiest ways to communicate your why is by telling a story from the heart. 

First Impressions

Snap judgments that take as little as 10 seconds drive first impressions. 

You’ve got to make a good one, because they’re sticky – they last a long time

What’s more…

Initially, people don’t care about the position you hold, no matter how high up the ladder you’ve climbed. They may say they care, and yet most people truly don’t. The people who respect you don’t respect you for your title, they respect you because they know you as a person. 

Now, if you’ve only got 2 minutes in front of a group, the first few seconds are critical in order to establish this trust, respect, and likability – this is what matters to people. 

Great Leaders Like You

The world needs great leaders who are honest, trustworthy, and respectful – and leaders that are respectable as well. There’s a science behind creating leaders like this, and it involves connecting with people logically and emotionally. 

Oprah Winfrey, a great leader in her own right, once said, “You teach people how to treat you,” and by giving them reasons as to why they should trust, respect, and like you, you are doing just that. 

The world is waiting for you. The only thing that’s stopping you is yourself – so stop being your own roadblock, and get out there and be amazing. 

And yet…

Let’s be real. 

Introducing yourself can be terrifying. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt creep in, and can get in the way.  

It got me thinking, what if there was a simple way to overcome your fear, and present your best self?

That’s why I sat down and created the Story Board Builder..

Here’s why it’s awesome. 

Rather than agonize, worry, and second guess yourself about what to say (and how to say it), the Story Board Builder helps you feel comfortable in your own skin as you deliver your tailored message with confidence. 

In the end, you look like a champion as your authentic self while you win over groups of any size.

It takes less than 10-minutes to complete, and results can last you a LIFETIME!

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