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Turning Lessons from 2012 into a New Year of Success!

thoughts-you-haveTo pick up the recent holiday issue of Economist magazine entitled “A Rough Guide to Hell” depicting the woes of climate change, economic trauma, gluttony and violence, you would have to assume tough times. To watch the news on any given network or internet news sight you could certainly get depressed as well and would even ask yourself is 2013 going to be more of the same?

Yet over this last year, I have travelled more of the world than ever before and have noticed one common thread, particularly outside of the US. It is a thread of hope, toughened optimism and the belief that life will get better. It is a faith in cultures both economically rich and poor that “education and learning” is the ticket to a bright and prosperous future.

While the gap between rich and poor seems to be widening in certain areas, economists have observed that the rich and poor gap is actually lessening globally. Why? Simple. Countries driving billions of dollars toward educating their populations at an early age is making a huge difference. For them, there is hope and aspiration. The question is, what are you learning?

My point is, “reality is created by agreement.” The agreement of those you hang out with and the agreement you have with yourself.

As my friend Mack Newton says….”achievement of what you want is ‘inevitable’ if your mindset, self-concept and attitude are right and if you eliminate the popular addiction to negative thinking.

So as we cross the cusp of year’s end and new beginning, the choice is not so much about what seems to be happening. It is all about what you are disciplined enough to focus on. If you are like me, I would love 2013 to be the best so far. So amid the blizzard of violence, political nonsense, economic uncertainty and paranoia….how do you create a reality for yourself, your family and your community that brings you the best.

2012 laid out the roadmap for learning how to create that reality. Here are the top seven lessons as I see it:

  1. The “steering wheel of your life” as Mack would say, are continually setting GOALS. Not a resolution, not a wish and not a hope…. Goals that are truly yours, that you own, deserve and have a burning desire and belief in. Not setting them may exempt you from possible failure, but condemn you to a life of either random and momentary inspiration or helplessness.
  2. Through the turbulent times, you should learn by now to TRUST yourself. You have been through a lot. You have weathered many storms emotionally, financially and spiritually. Just know that you have embodied powerful lessons and that you are not a “rookie” any more. Trust that you can make the right decisions, do the right things and if you mess up… that you surely know how to correct and improve to have the life you want. You are qualified.
  3. No matter what has happened or what may happen…. stay PRESENT. Whether it is in a critical moment in your career or more importantly in a simple moment with those you love, stay connected and 100% present. Take it one push-up at a time, one hour of presentation at a time, one conversation at a time. Do not let your Little Voice detour you to the thousands of addicting distractions that tempt you. Do not put your focus on what lies ahead or what has already transpired. Stay present from your heart to your eyes, to their eyes to their heart. I learned in 2012 that the world will suddenly work in a magical way for you when you do this.
  4. Cherish and show gratitude toward those TRUE FRIENDS and PARTNERS that share your values, your visions and who love you for exactly who you are….not who they think you are or who you think they want you to be. Those who you surround yourself with create the context for helping you inevitably getting what you want and being who you want to be – without obligation. Learning and reaffirming who these people are in my life has been the greatest gift of 2012. I am sure they are yours as well!!!
  5. Be clear on your VALUES and let them govern every decision. In 2012, like you, I experienced things that forced me to get clear on who I really am. For me at ten thousand feet on the flanks of Mt. Kilimanjaro the value of LOVE came roaring to the forefront of my life as being the single most important value. It boosted me to new levels of relationship with my family, associates and myself. Values such as honor, integrity, learning and gratitude rounded out my top five. Having a Code of Honor that protects those values can mean the difference between fulfillment and regret.
  6. Whether it is age or experience or just getting smarter, it has become clear that PATIENCE is critical to success and happiness. If the context is right, and the goals are clear, the Universe will follow a due process. Learning to minimize the Little Voice that gets irritated with lag, that becomes intolerant of others, that wants to grab the course of events and drive it has been a huge lesson. It could be waiting in a never ending line, stuck in traffic, waiting for responses from buyers or sellers, listening to the same repeated excuses, which can result in inappropriate and impatient action. It’s that action that can ultimately either disrupt or abort the process of transformation and growth that you are looking for.
  7. Most of all for 2013, your ability to master your Little Voice by controlling your Thoughts and Emotions will make the biggest difference. Does your emotion drive primarily on negative thoughts of fear, worry, guilt or non-deservedness? Or does your emotion drive on positive excitement, anticipation, love, confidence and high self-esteem? Either way, your emotions are the fuel and passion behind your actions and will drive them in one way or the other.

Like I said….all around you there is a blizzard of negativity fueled by high emotion (and sometimes low intelligence). Did you buy in or did it make you stronger? 2012 was a training year to prepare for 2013 and beyond. The question is: “What did you learn?”

I hope that you learned how big of a person you really are. If you check the record I am sure you will recall moments of you actually feeling how great you are. If you learned just that…..this next year will lay before you a feast of successes in all areas of your life.

You have heard me quote Bucky Fuller before by saying that those moments are “Licks of the ice cream….” and that you would only be given licks…” if you were meant to have the whole cone!”

We love you and are honored to be part of your world,

Remember to love yourself and always BE AWESOME!

Happy New Year!!


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