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Turning No’s Into Yes’s

When someone declines your offer, can you turn it around and change their opinion?

Or, do you find the idea of objection handling terrifying?

I get that it might seem scary.

Because when someone declines your offer, your confidence drops. You might even start to doubt if your offer is worth as much as you thought it was.

Worse yet, you might become paralyzed when a prospect says “no.” This is especially true if they go on a rant as to why they think your offer isn’t worth it.

But the good news is that there’s an effective way to feel unafraid when handling objections. Even better, it can also change people’s minds and get you to really start selling.

I’m talking about acknowledging and asking questions.

Let’s focus on acknowledging first.

You see, the initial reaction to an objection sets the stage for the rest of the sales process. If you feel afraid or diffident, you immediately lower your chances of closing the deal.

Your prospect will sense this lack of confidence. And when they see you doubting yourself, it will justify their reason for saying “no.” From this point on, turning a prospect around becomes extremely hard.

So, what should you do instead?

It’s something so simple that it sounds almost too easy.

Just say “thank you.”

No matter what the prospect says about your offer, thank them. It’s the best way to react to an objection.

To begin with, there are no negative emotions attached to this expression of gratitude. You’re not going to feel scared or awkward. Instead, you’re simply acknowledging and confirming that the prospect has an issue with your offer.

From there, you can move on to asking questions, which is how you can turn the situation around.

I’ll explain this further in my next message so you know exactly what to do.

Be Awesome,

Blair Singer

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