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Two things that will help you sell like crazy

How You Can Attract Customers

In my last email, I explained why you must never stop selling. Just because we’re in a crisis, it doesn’t mean that your audience doesn’t need you.

With that said, there are changes that you might need to make to your sales process. Businesses are facing many challenges these days, and you must respond with the right pivots.

In this email, I’d like to talk about pivoting your sales to match the current state of the world.

There are two things that will help you sell right now:

Empathy and communication.

Right now, people are sad, afraid, and angry. They’re missing out on some of the things that they enjoy the most. They don’t have the security that they once had. They’re anxiously waiting for things to get back to some semblance of normal.

Sadly, this won’t happen anytime soon.

And because of that, people need leaders.

I’m not talking about governments and politicians. A leader is anyone who can make people’s lives easier and help them push through these crazy times.

As a business owner, you are one of those leaders.

Your job isn’t to sell. It’s to empathize with people and meet their needs. As I explained in a previous email, those needs come down to income, health, security, and happiness.

You need to show people that you understand them. More importantly, you need to contribute to their well-being in some way. This can be through your content, offer, or anything else that provides value.

Some things about the world we live in will never be the same. You need to adapt to these changes, and your audience does as well. The people who help them do this will win the game.

While you should never stop selling, you do need to change how you do it. Focus on empathy and communication and you’ll attract lots of new customers.

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