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Unpopular Opinions on Creating Teams that Win

You won’t walk alone if you want to be successful… You need a great team who will support your mission. A force to help you thrive.

There are unpopular tactics that get overlooked when it comes to selecting people for your winning team. Buckle up, get ready for controversy, and read until the end. 

1. Don’t hire your family out of convenience. 

There are times when including your family on your team will benefit you. However, it’s not going to work if you’re doing it out of expediency.(Keep Reading)



You’ll fall into the trap of being treated like family instead of business equals if you hire them to save money and not because of their expertise.

Things get uncomfortable. 

Remember… The rules of business are different from the rules of family. 

Look for people who are the right fit for your team. Not because they’re an easy hire, not because they’re close, not because hiring them can save you money, but because you see eye-to-eye with them when it comes to business. 

2. Don’t just hire for skill. 

While having skill is important, it’s not the only quality a valued team member should have. The people you hire should have an innate desire to learn, mental discipline, and the right attitude for the job. 

Hire them for their personal vision, who they are, and how they can help your company instead of simply on the basis of what they can do.

3. Only hire when you need to.

Technology can do a lot of the work for you as it continues to advance. There will be times when you don’t need to hire people. 

Take social media, for example. 

You can create a community easily, spreading your message with a few simple taps. Future customers will find you, listen, comment, and become a part of your mission. 


Some of these customers from social media might even become a part of your team. Maybe they sell for you or donate intellectual property, which allows them to join your ventures and build your community. That’s called a movement, a form of a team that doesn’t involve hiring people. 

4. Everyone should be selling.

If the people you hire aren’t directly generating income for your business, think twice about the necessity of their role. The wages you pay employees can be viewed as a business expense, and when expenses go out, there should always be money coming in. 

If people that you hire don’t know how to sell, they should be willing to learn if they want to join your team. 

5. Hire people who are willing to grow.

If you’re interviewing someone for a position and they say something along the lines of, “I already know that,” be wary. This usually means that part of their brain is closed off. 

The thing is — maybe they are familiar with what you’re talking about, but a good team member is always hungry for more information that will help them grow. They will ask follow-up questions to learn more because they’re curious.

Thrive and Succeed, Together

Following these tips will put you on the path to creating a multi-million dollar team that will consistently generate income. Keep them in mind, and your business is sure to see success. 

Now, your mission and your team’s mission may not be the same. Getting clear on your mission will bring your team together

You see, a great team needs to play the same game. For long lasting success, everyone on the team should be working in the same direction.  Click here for a short training about getting your mission clear >>

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