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Use Positive Events to Build Positive Life Experiences

6 Tips to Being Happier and More Successful

I have studied under many mentors, all using different approaches to help people find ways to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. In this blog post, I will share some of the highlights that I practice myself, because I found each of them to have tremendous value, and when combined have helped create dramatic shifts in my life. I encourage you to employ them as part of your own daily living and create the positive life experience you want to have for yourself!

  1. When something good happens in your life – celebrate it! This allows you to pause and truly enjoy your life in that moment.
  2. While you are celebrating and experiencing that moment of emotional joy, also take a moment to be grateful to have this experience in your life. When you express gratitude for what you have and do so with a positive attitude, you are sending a message to this Universe that you would like to attract more of the same. This may be a bit “woo woo” for some of you, but it won’t hurt to try it.
  3. Envision your dreams for yourself and then set goals that you can use to drive your daily activities towards achieving your dreams. These goals will keep you moving towards the things that will deliver the most happiness to you. Goal setting helps you get what you want quickly and efficiently instead of just hoping and wishing for things to magically appear in your life (which usually does not work).
  4. If you fall short of achieving a specific goal, you can look at what you DID achieve and learn in the process of pursuing the goal and celebrate THAT win (see point #1)!positive_events_blogpost_image
  5. Whenever something positive in your life happens, own it.
    Yep, that’s right – take ownership that you helped make it happen (even if it seems like this wonderful thing fell from the sky into your lap) and tell yourself these two things:
    a. Good stuff like this happens to you ALL THE TIME and
    b. YOU DESERVE IT.It wasn’t a one-off strike of luck (you’re always lucky and the Universe knows you deserve good things, so it sends them your way all the time). Dr. Marty Seligman wrote a book called Learned Optimism which talks about the significant statistical increase in sales performance for sales people who have an optimistic outlook over salespeople who do not. You may not get why it works, you may not be a “woo woo” kind of person – but the statistical proof backs up that this behavior and thought process can actually help you experience more success in your life… so try it!
  6. My mentor, Mack Newton, taught me to use affirmations when facing a challenging situation. Try an affirmation like: “I like myself! I CAN do this!” Doing this will help you briefly tap your energy source to help you keep going when you doubt your ability to carry on. Repeat it as often as needed until you are done. It has helped me in countless workouts, when I think I have nothing left, to keep going. I employ this technique and always access energy that I did not know was there to carry me through!

There you have it, 6 things you can start implementing in your life TODAY for a dramatic improvement of how you experience your life and the success you create in it!

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