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Using Social Media to Help Me, Help You!

As a speaker, I meet and train hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people every month. Yet, once I say farewell, I cant be sure if participants implement what they learned in their lives going forward.

I believe in teaching experientially so that people LIVE a lesson instead of just hearing or seeing it. This way, I know they have truly learned it. But learning something new and applying it to everyday living are two different things. While many people have written to me telling me that their lives and fortunes have been changed because of what they learned at my Sales and Leadership Events, I often wonder what happens to the people I dont hear from.

I am happy to say that with the development of Social Media Marketing, I now have a place where I can keep in contact with my participants and they can come together to interact with me and each other. What a powerful way to continue learning! This can be done in an unorganized fashion, just by chatting with me and each other on Facebook, or by doing organized events.

To test the waters, I recently started a 2-Day Sales and Leadership Results follow up program that involves five select participants. They have agreed to share how they are taking what they learned at the 2-Day event and applying it in their lives. They will get feedback from me – and I am sure other Facebook fan page visitors and 2-Day event participants. This will be a great opportunity for me to see how my participants apply what they learned into their everyday lives. Ill be learning from them where the successes come easy, as well as where the unanticipated challenges lie. It will also will help me continue to build upon my own training programs, and perhaps create new ones! Using Facebook, I can also support them in achieving the changes that they wanted to implement based on their experiences in my training events. To see this take place, and share your own questions and comments, please visit the Blair Singer Facebook fan page.

Additionally, I will be doing a Live Facebook Chat on August 3rd at 2:00pm PDT. Here I answer questions from Facebook fans. I hope that you will participate by joining my fan page at the designated time. I encourage you to type in your question and I will respond to you in real timeI have learned to type very fast during these events! As always, I look forward to supporting you and reading your “real life” experiences.

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