Adversity and Success

How You Can Deal with Adversity and Success

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With The Little Voice Mastery Program, I was able to achieve more than I thought I could do. Having the discipline to do the exercises and attend the sessions combined with the great support from the coach, Karen Mileski, gave me the confidence to believe more in myself, to open up my ears, train my mind and change my thoughts. It was the first time I really felt safe and supported all the time. I could share experiences and learned so much about myself and what I was (and am) capable of doing. It helped me also to do a great career transition, reaffirming what I want for my life and giving me the clarity to persist in my dreams without fear. I achieved the goals I set during the program and succeeded in every area of my life since then. I finally understood that disciplining my little voice actually set me free for life!”
– Hanna Meirelles