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How to Handle Any Objection at Any Time

One of the leading challenges sales people face is how to handle an objection. Often, a sales person thinks they have to be able to address the objection with a solution immediately – but, there’s a better approach in my opinion.

Many times, when you get an objection, you might experience an emotional response, especially if the objection is said with little consideration for your feelings (personally, this happened to me A LOT when I was new to sales). And, as I’ve discussed many times, when emotions go up, intelligence goes down, leaving you in a less than optimal mental state to address the objection presented.

So, I created a video that shows you a drill that, with practice, will allow you to handle any objection, any time, any place and respond in a way that sets you up to handle that objection successfully!

Please watch, enjoy and share your comments below!