Communication Success Model

Communication Success Model

We’ve learned a lot the past 2 years.  At least, I know I have.  And being in sales, leadership, and communication, I wanted to share with you a couple of things that have changed dramatically.

Primarily, communication!  Whether in business, at home, or with yourself, I see a few areas of major change in how we communicate.

  • How you communicate in your personal life
  • How you communicate as a leader
  • How you communicate around money
  • And, how you communicate within your business

These are some very significant changes. And if you don’t understand these changes, you’re not going to be effective. You know, in business we say good communication creates good cash flow, internal and external.

If you’re going to be a successful communicator.  You need some solid tools to communicate effectively.

First, consider the communication you have with yourself.  You know, the “little voice.”  Yeah, you do, it’s the one in your head that I always talk about.  The one that just said, “What little voice?”

These days words, like depression, confusion, and hopeless are all over the media and pop into people’s mind.  Especially when they’re easily distracted and desperate. These are words that we haven’t thought about too much. Things we didn’t talk about much because attitudes were good. We didn’t have a pandemic. We didn’t have a crazy economy to face.  But right now, you have to understand that these words are there. They’re in your head. They’re in other people’s heads and they need to be addressed.

There are simple strategies, to deal with it. If you overlook those 500-pound gorillas, then you’re missing the boat and you won’t make the connect.  More importantly, those are issues you need to deal with yourself. Because two people look at the same experience.  One in a depressed frame of mind, one in an optimistic frame of mind, they’re going to see the same situation very differently. They will respond very differently too. That’s happening around the world to everybody.  It’s important to understand your little voice.

The other piece here around communication is your connection with other people.

Now, what do I mean by that?

These days, every group, every person out there is looking to be respected.  In fact, they are not just looking to be respected, they are demanding it.  Demanding a level of dignity that they feel as a human being, they should be entitled to.  If you’re going to be a leader in communication and be able to get what you want, help other people get what they want.

You must understand what sits beneath the surface of most communication.  You need to be aware, aware of what other people are feeling, what they are thinking.  We call that empathy; to be able to feel what other people feel.  As a leader, be willing to address it and shift your communication according to where someone else is at.

The final issue (and probably the biggest) about your connection with other people… lose the ego.  Let go of the ego, that need to be right.  I say, fight being right. It’s okay to be right. Not but to fight, just to be right.   It only upsets the whole connection with other people.  Allow your ego to be less, allow people to criticize. You don’t need to fight back all the time. These are things that are hot beds right now. And if you don’t believe me, just look at the news, just look at what’s going on in many cities around the world.

If you want to be a great communicator, these are things to keep in mind, just in dealing with other people. Next time, I’ll cover how this applies to your business.