Little Voice Mastery

Gaining Control of Your “Little Voice”

People say that money, success, and relationships aren‘t necessarily what life is all about. And that may be true. But ironically, the quest for money, success, and relationships, and even health are what tend to flush up the little voices that block you.

That‘s why it is imperative that you score your progress in life not just by how you feel, but by what you physically create in the real world. It will measure your success in the battle of your brain and in your ability to serve yourself and others.

You are who you are, for better or worse. I believe that just about everyone is a good person—or at least we start out that way. Every child is born with a pure heart and a fresh spirit in the beginning.

What happens after that is another issue. All of your experiences make you into who you are today. So as you look into the mirror, what part of the reflection are you happy with and which part would you like to change?
• Are your finances the way you want them to be?
• Does your body look the way you want it to?
• Are your kids the kids you want them to be?
• Are you hanging out with the people you really want to?
• Is your job or career in the place you want it to be?
• Do you feel the way you want to every day?

When you look into your own eyes, what are they telling you?
Take a look!

It may be a bit direct, but you have to start the conversation by telling the truth. You may be in better shape than you think.

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