Systems and Accountability

Systems and Accountability are Part of Your Formula for Business Success

Let’s say you have a great business. You have a great product, a great service-and you’re going to kill the market. You’re making money, and your business is growing because people are loving what you’re doing. And you’re growing, and growing and growing, but the next thing you know – it’s all GONE. It’s just, gone. Why is that?

It’s a very common thing, actually. In all the focus on sales and marketing, a business easily falls into a state of chaos that spirals out of control. You see, most people who are great at selling and promoting aren’t good at accountability and systems. Yet, accountability and systems are what get your business from a state of chaos to stability and affluence, supporting successful, profitable growth.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires the ability to move from chaos to stability. And it’s not just true for business — accountability and systems work in your health and relationships, too.

Let’s look at how we can implement accountability and systems in your sales.

I believe one of the best motivational tools for salespeople is the Monday morning sales meeting. As a young, new salesperson (when I was just starting out), my company had to make sure I had a tight operating system to work within, and that I would be held accountable for my efforts. We had something we called the 5-call close, and it looked something like this:

COLD CALL: The purpose of a cold call was qualify the lead and book an appointment.

APPOINTMENT: The purpose of the appointment was to book a demonstration.

DEMONSTRATION: The demonstration was designed to get the prospect to ask for a presentation or proposal.

PRESENTATION: The presentation was designed to outline all the aspects of the service or product being offered so we could agree to move forward and ask for the sale (close).

CLOSE: The ultimate goal of getting a signed agreement for purchase.

Essentially, you can’t master the close unless you have mastered the first step, the cold call, then the appointment, then the demonstration, etc.

So, the 5-call close was the system. The accountability portion was every Monday, I had to go up there and present to everyone the results of my efforts — that made me accountable to my numbers. There is an example below:

Sales Grid Example

Cold calls Appointments % Demonstrations % Presentations % Close %
75 15 20 5 33 4 80 0 0

The meeting motivated me to want to deliver better numbers each week, because I was being held accountable in front of my entire team.

There are many benefits to having a system and being held accountable to it. For one, you know your sales cycle. Many businesses I’ve worked with don’t have one, and that’s unfortunate because the system will help you target areas of opportunity. Otherwise, you’d just hand out brochures to your sales team and say, Have at it, folks! That simply won’t work.

Looking at the sales grid (as I call it) above, it’s easy to see where the opportunities to learn and grow are. For example, I could definitely benefit from learning to improve the percent of appointments I set from my cold calls (20%). I could also improve the percent of clients I close after making presentations (0%!).

Now, please note: Accountability is NOT about saying you are a GOOD person or a BAD person. Accountability is simply taking responsibility for what you have done. If you write 0 for closes for the week on the sales grid, you are being accountable for the fact you have no closes. If you write nothing, you are not being accountable for your numbers.

When you are accountable to your numbers, the sales grid will help your Sales Manager quickly see the areas that with improvement could vastly enhance results (which means more revenue for the company and more commission in your pocket).

This grid is applicable for any kind of business. Let’s say your business doesn’t rely on cold calls. Maybe in your business, it’s customers that come through the door, inbound calls you have received, how many have registered for an event, etc. Or maybe it’s presentations you give, and the number of offers you hand out, and the number of follow-ups, etc. The point is to define your own sales system and hold your team accountable to mastering each part of it.

Once you have your sales cycle is systematized, it is easy to hold sales people accountable so you can see where you are leaving money on the table. By identifying where they can improve and potentially by how much (improve a close rate from 0% to 10%), you can predict what the incremental revenue will be as they improve their mastery of the sales process.

Want to track your sales process on your own Sales Grid so you can master your sales system and hold your sales people accountable Click here to access a free Sales Grid template with built in formulas to help you track your teams results and hold them accountable.

You can also Download my free Income Calculator to help determine how to achieve your specific sales revenues goals. This is a great tool once you have used the Sales Grid to track your current success ratios for each step of your sales system.

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As many of you know, I believe that education is about transformation… not just sharing information and hoping someone absorbs it. I like to give people an opportunity to have an experience where they learn the information, apply it and get an immediate result that gives them a very personal understanding of what they just learned.

Along with learning new information comes the need to review it. Lack of review and practice often results in forgetting. So, if someone is going to bother investing the effort into learning something new, they should also invest the effort to review the materials so they actually retain their new knowledge and skillsand mastery requires a whole different level of commitment and investment. In fact, Malcolm Gladwell tells us that the key to mastery is 10,000 hours of dedicated practice!

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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Living Life With A Purpose

The mere fact that I’m sitting here writing this for you is a testament to the unbelievable life-changing power of goal-setting. I spent most of my years as a young adult viewing myself as defective. I felt that something was fundamentally wrong with me as a person. Maybe I was the reason my father-deserted my mother and I… maybe I was the reason she died. Maybe… I was just defective.

No… I wasn’t, but I believed I was and that belief set the course for my life. I needed big medicine to change me and ultimately… my life. And… I-found it… in goal setting. Naturally, I set goals that were meant to make me more confident, courageous and compassionate. Goals that would-allow me to honor and respect myself… for that is one of the keys to life and without it you would not be charitable or have the ability to look at the
world and see beyond yourself.

So many are using goal-setting to achieve tangible goals and that’s great, but the early purpose for me using goal-setting was simply to get a life.

So, early on, I set numerous intangible goals… I needed to learn how to value and trust myself… to make good, good decisions that would enhance-my self-esteem. In addition, I wanted to prove to myself that I was okay… that I wasn’t defective… that I was good… in fact, that I could be great.

All of that… and more… is within the power of goal setting. When you achieve the major skill of goal-setting, you truly have the ability to rebound-from any of life’s challenges and the confidence needed to pursue your true possibilities.

You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it again… success is goal-setting… and all the rest is just conversation. Following an effective-goal setting process will allow you to feel the power of that statement. And… like me, you’ll soon come to the conclusion that becoming an-obsessive goal-setter gives you the ability to control the direction of change in your life.

When you set goals, you’re saying “Thank you!” for all the good things that are working in your life… it’s positive self-esteem in action. When you-discover what you truly value in life and then learn how to match your goals with your values, you will, in effect, truly have your hands on the steering-wheel of your life.

As a life-long martial artist, I’ve been influenced by many principled, honorable and committed individuals. Even in this impressive group, Blair Singer-stands out. His energy is contagious… his vision is limitless and I am honored to be involved with someone as committed to goal setting as I am.

We-invite you to learn what you truly want and become convinced that you too can live the life that you’ve imagined using the powerful process of-goal setting.

Join us in taking a huge step out of the shadowy world of just hoping things get better and into the wonderful world of living life with a purpose-when you start to set goals for yourself. Access our Champion Level Goal Setting Program here.

Pil Sung!
Mack Newton, 8th Degree Black Belt GTF
Director and Master Instructor, Newton Fitness and Taekwon-Do, Phoenix, Arizona